Welcome to the USS Newton!

As vast and deep as space as can be, it is equally rich in hidden secrets and odd phenomenons not know to any of the races in the Federation. The USS Newton is a top-notch science vessel tasked with observing these phenomenons and testing sensitive projects for Starfleet. If you have the heart of an explorer, a love of science, and the bravery to face the unknown, the USS Newton is the right post for you.

Must be 18+ to Play

Current Mission
Tiger, Tiger

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» Only Three Good Legs

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Posted on 11/16/2019 @ 4:11pm by Lieutenant Jaxyl Veran & Lieutenant Carson Fleming II

Carson leaned on his cane, harder than he normally does as he surveyed Sickbay. It was calmer now. There were still many recovering from wounds, but the chaos was finally corralled. He turned and started his three leg limp back to his office to rest his bad leg for a…

» Waking Up

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Posted on 11/12/2019 @ 2:55pm by Lieutenant Carson Fleming II & Lieutenant Jaxyl Veran & Lieutenant JG Ian Mackenzie


"Help." the voice of Ian Mackenzie said weakly, attempting to get someone's attention. He had been attempting to reach a trapped Science crewman during the attack and while he had successful, all he'd gotten was a tritanium girder to the chest for his trouble. As of now, he was…

» Reporting in

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Posted on 11/11/2019 @ 7:49pm by Commander Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Ezrik Kaz

Ezrik walked with some slight trepidation towards the turbolift. Today was his first day on Newton and he was hoping to make a good impression. Unfortunately; Gohod, Gradak,Nilani, Neema, Jarem, Enjima, Dedrij, and Farob wished to make one as well.

‘ Couldn’t you have worn something a bit more... dazzling?’…

» Incoming

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Posted on 11/11/2019 @ 7:33pm by Commander Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Carson Fleming II

With the attack over and all of the boarders quelled, sickbay was a hotbed of activity. First because of its own dead and dying lying on the floor within, then with how quickly wounded began funneling into sickbay. They came in on the arms of good samaritans and hobbling on…

» Bringing Back the Power

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Posted on 11/01/2019 @ 3:18pm by Lieutenant JG Vincent Kramer & Lieutenant JG Jada Reese

Lt. Kramer moved quickly down two decks in the near dark. At Deck 8 he checked both directions quickly before heading aft toward Main Engineering. As he approached Vince found many crewmen moving about with determination and a task on their mind.

Kramer stopped a crewman and asked quickly, “Where…