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As vast and deep as space as can be, it is equally rich in hidden secrets and odd phenomenons not know to any of the races in the Federation. The USS Newton is a top-notch science vessel tasked with observing these phenomenons and testing sensitive projects for Starfleet. If you have the heart of an explorer, a love of science, and the bravery to face the unknown, the USS Newton is the right post for you.

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Current Mission
Tiger, Tiger

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» So the new journey begins.

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Posted on 03/04/2020 @ 3:37pm by Lieutenant Tavana Kolan, daughter of Kretorg & Captain Diana Reisz

It was just three days ago that Tavana was still on whatever that hell hole was called. Frankly she was not interested in the name of the planet, not now anyway. In the mean time she had been prodded by a EMH on the ship that rescued her and…

» In his own way

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Posted on 02/24/2020 @ 4:42pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Carson Fleming II

In the last three weeks sickbay had been a hotbed of activity on the Newton. Diana had given it a wide berth, avoiding it except to inquire on injuries and casualties. Now that they had docked and the dead had been moved to the station, Diana ventured to sickbay to…

» Good News

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Posted on 02/23/2020 @ 9:59pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Commander Charles West

Walking around the station couldn't be described as getting fresh air- a change of scenery, though- that it could be coined as. And that was what Diana needed as she wandered around in civilian togs looking into the few storefronts and pausing by eateries to see if anything struck her…

» Picking Up the Mantle

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Posted on 02/12/2020 @ 8:58pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Vincent Kramer

Three weeks of carefully controlled chaos had kept the Newton afloat until they finally reached port and started repairs to the hull. Once those were underway the ship was abuzz with engineers of all sorts- only Diana was searching one out in specific. "Lieutenant! Lieutenant Kramer!" she called down the…

» EPS Buildup

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Posted on 02/12/2020 @ 6:14pm by Lieutenant Vincent Kramer & Lieutenant JG Jada Reese

With the guidance from the Chief, Lt. Kramer had made his way to a storage compartment there in Engineering, and with the help of a curious yet knowledgeable crewman, they picked up a toolkit and several possible replacement parts.

Making their way down the passageway, Kramer looked over his shoulder…