1.) All characters must be original and have a full biography created by their players. They must not copy canon (or reference for close relation) existing canon Trek characters (Burnham, Khan, etc). It is up the game moderator to determine the final acceptability of any character information. Characters are the property of the players creating them and may not be used without their consent save for moving the plot on in a minor and acceptable manner.

2.) You will normally be required to post once every 2 weeks. If you fail do so, you will be given one week's 'grace' to post and thereafter receive a warning. After three weeks total, with three warnings, you will be removed from the sim. Players are encouraged to post more than that, especially if engaged in a joint post or as a main figure in a plot line. NPCs do not have a required post limit unless they are integral to a plot that you are co-writing. If you are on multiple teams within the sim, you are responsible for two posts per team per month minimum.

3.) If you are knowingly unable to post for a time, then you are required to ask for a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the moderator, stating when you expect to return (except in cases of emergencies).

4.) It is up to the game moderator to determine promotions/demotions and appointments at their discretion. Promotions are based largely on posting quality and quantity and any other help given with the sim.

5.) You may play one PCs.

6.) It is the CO's sole right to start or end a mission. You should not end story missions early, cut to LOAs without the okay of the CO or otherwise disrupt the story in a way that other players are unable to interact with the plot. Please speak to your moderator if you wish to substantially change the plot: deviations and monkey wrenches are encouraged.

7.) All players must be 18 or older to play on the sim. Regardless of a sim's age limit, writers must exercise good judgment about what is acceptable in the realms of good taste. Under no circumstances will pornographic material be allowed. If in doubt, a player should err on the side of caution and consult the moderator. Any post with possibly offensive material requires a warning label in the opening lines and ten carriage returns worth of space before the body of the post starts.

8.) All Bravo Fleet rules apply.

9.) Please keep your posts realistic in context. If your character is sucked into space and only found hours later amongst shrapnel, you will need to create a new character.

10.) The moderator reserves the absolute right to remove any player who is deemed to constitute a risk to the safe gaming environment. Stalking, harassment or threats of violence ooc is grounds for immediate removal.

11.) A post must consist of at least 400 words to constitute an in game post.

12.) This is a team effort sim. If you do not interact with others in the sim, you won't get the most out of the role-playing experience. Personal posts and character development will shine, but you must be able and willing to write with others.

13.) All action have consequences. It does not mean that your character or you as a player are disliked. It simply means that stuff happens. Don't take it personally. If you feel that you have been wronged personally please ask. The moderator is always happy to mediate if needed.

14.) Communication is key. If you aren’t having fun, need help or are lost of confused, contact the mediator, your team leader or ping the OOC thread. If you have ideas, bring them forward. This is a story-based game where each of the players are integral to moving the plot as well as generating it. It is absolutely integral that you remain involved or the story will suffer. The moderator does not script plots from start to end and will not dictate your character’s actions OOC unless you are on LOA, have gone incommunicado or without your permission.

15.) You may not write for any character not owned by you without permission from the owner of the other character. For the means of moving forward plot, a Team CO or XO may forward time, cut short a scene or place your character for the sake of story.