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Commander Diana Reisz

Name Diana Caelum Reisz

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Specialization Geosciences (Ecology)
ID Code RIESZ90G6H77
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Diana is a fit, athletic woman leaning towards bony according to her sparring partners. She has mean elbows and knees. Her hair is worn loose to the shoulders. There's a tattoo of a yellow monarch butterfly - a tribute to her deceased sister - on her left inner wrist. Diana wears a thick silver chain around her neck with her parents' wedding bands on them.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Eitan Riesz (Deceased)
Mother Sandia Perl-Riesz (Deceased)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Audrey Toledano (Deceased)
Other Family George Toledano (Brother in Law, Deceased)
Sabine Toledano, Niece - 14

Personality & Traits

General Overview Diana is quick to smile and quicker to laugh. She compliments frequently, she asks questions and invests, which makes her a great team leader, but terribly personal. Because of this, there's the question as to whether she'll be able to make the hard calls when the time comes. Diana is confident that she can do it, but the numbers on her psyche reviews tell the potential of a different tale. Her placement on the USS Newton is shrouded in scuttlebutt, but the general gist of it seems to be that she’ll be used as a pawn to push agenda.

With the loss of her sister and brother-in-law, the dynamic of her once close family has shifted again, leaving Diana grasping for a ledge to hold onto. She is still working through the suddeness, the fairness of it and, how to work things out with Sabine, who is trying to act as if nothing happened at all. Diana tends to internalize and blame herself for losses – that’s where the boundless energy comes in for all of her activities. She doesn’t run from it: she runs into it at full speed.

Motherhood hasn’t settled onto Diana’s shoulder’s gracefully. It requires a level of attention to her personal life that she never pays it. And settling down? She’s nowhere near that thought. She can’t even remember the last time she dated.
Strengths & Weaknesses S - Extremely athletic
S - Quick on the uptake/out of the box thinker
S - Creative
W - Obstinate to a fault
W - Tends to overthink
W – Wanders towards conspiracy theories
Ambitions To feel truly satisfied and fulfilled when it's her time to die.
Hobbies & Interests H - Anything athletic and competitive: Diana eats up activity as a way to burn stress. She's always involved in something. Her current favorites are river kayaking and competitive windsurfing.
H - Avid music fan with a wide variety of taste that accompany her pretty much any moment that she has to herself.
H - Loves the stars. About the only time she ever stays still is to sit in the observation lounge and just watch the stars.
I - Collects river stones
I - Keeps up to date on geoscience journals even though she’s no in the field actively
I - Finds tattoos fascinating
I - Astronomy


Personal History Diana was born on the USS Descartes, the same as her sister two years later. Space ran in her family's blood. They were made for being out in the black amongst the backdrop of stars. She'd describe her childhood as normal compared to any other childhood aboard a ship. Sure, there were scares. She lived through two boardings and a major battle, but it still didn’t dissuade either her or her sister that they were meant to be out there in space when they grew up.

Audrey was the vocal one. She wanted to go into security. Have a phaser. Shoot at Cardassians until it was no longer okay to just shoot Cardassians. Diana was always more about exploration. She wanted to know more about what was out there. How did things work. She watched which meant she tended to fall to the background until her father would loop her back in again eventually. He was always doing little things like that.

Diana was in her final year at the Academy when she lost them during a border dispute near Dominion space. She took it hard- hard enough that it almost tanked her year. She pulled up with the help of ace instructors, a great support network of friends, and sheer tenacity. Diana went on to serve aboard the USS Montauk under Captain April Givens. While there Diana’s name appeared on several redacted files and there’s more that she won’t talk about. When in the same room with Givens there’s a long, icy distance between the two.

Following the Montauk, Diana worked on the Ouroboros Project with the USS Tianjin and served on the USS Garnet under Captain Cern Prescott before being pressed to agree to command training. As Diana was rising up, Audrey was settling down to raise her daughter on a peaceful little colony world. More top secret projects built up under Diana’s belt as she served as XO on the USS Bonn. She was still there when the colony was hit with a mutated version of the Aurelian Nipah virus. Only seventeen colonists survived including Diana’s niece Sabine. Diana took her in just before she was given the news that she was being given her own ship. It should have been a momentous occasion, instead it was awkward and somber.
Notes Small red dachshund named Dominous Rex AKA Rex, who believes that he owns all that he sees.