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Lieutenant Vincent Kramer

Name Vincent Nathaniel Kramer

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Specialization Mechanical
ID Code Command authorization code, Alpha-tango-six-three-six-zero
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 5”
Weight 175
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Short and stocky would be the best description of Vincent Kramer. Needless to say that he is physically fit and has wide shoulders and a narrow waist. Short brown hair go well with his brown eyes and smooth medium caucasian completion. Strong facial features make him very appealing, especially to the ladies he meets, though he usually has very little time for that type of attention.


Father Yuri Kramer
Mother Nataliya Kramer
Brother(s) Aaron Kramer
Egor kramer
Ivan Kramer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vincent Kramer is an Outstanding Engineer. His experience has been diverse and ready to take on any challenge great or small. Do not judge the book by its cover with Kramer. His 5 foot 5 inches pack a strong physical nature, plus his mind can handle the most complex engineering issue.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is physically strong and very intelligent to the point of genius, but doesn’t realize his own potential. He is looked down upon by his father for not pursuing a music career like his brothers. He is still looking for his niche in life, but doesn’t realize that his accomplishments in engineering are astounding, because no one gets to see them. He continues to think that his ‘creative engineering’ is just for fun and couldn’t be practical or wouldn’t be wanted to be used by anyone. This is what his father told him for years as a boy; building things instead of practicing his music.

An ability has developed in him over the last 6 years, which he does not fully understand yet. He hears things that others can not. It’s almost like a 6th sense. When a mechanism is operating he hears music in his mind because of it. When something is not opperating correctly, he hears soft screams or grating musical tones. This irritating or agrivating sound in his mind can lead him to a damaged or malfunctioning switch or part.
Ambitions Kramer has not been an ambitious person through many years in Starfleet. He is very skilled, knowledgeable, and always does his best at the position he is given. But, because of this lack of ambition, early on he had been over looked for promotion several times. Because of an opportunity to work on a Galaxy Class Starship and later a Celestial Class Starbase, his eyes were opened to different possibilities for himself and now desiring to position himself where his creative interest may flourish.
Hobbies & Interests Writing & playing music. Music, playing or listening, is his escape from reality. Mountain climbing and repelling is his choice of fun when in the outdoors. Researching old Technical Manuals while listening to music is how he spends most of his free time. He loves to re-engineer things; making designs and schematics with full description and calculations. Then, he will set it aside and go onto the next project.


Personal History Vincent grew up in New York City, in the upper east side of Manhattan Island, only 5 blocks from Central Park. He is the youngest of 4 brothers. His parents believed strongly in musical talent and excellence. Each member of the family was expected to be able to play diverse musical instruments. Vincent received classic instruction as a boy on the violin, piano, and harp. Though he could play well, it was too “mechanical” for his father. His father would say he just doesn’t have the heart for it.

As a boy, on different occasions, Vince would be found disassembling appliances and reassembling them. For many years his father ignored and put up with this “silly hobby” so not to squash his creativity, but his father had limits.

Each brother had gone on to professions and artistic endeavors. Vincent didn’t fit that mold and was more technically minded. He was teesed many times as a boy being called a ‘Tech Geek’. From a very young age he read constantly; mostly science periodicals and about mechanical devises. He was involved with robotics as a youth, but it wasn’t his passion. The robotics Team Coach saw something in him and suggested that he look into attending Starfleet Academy.

In addition to applying Harvard University School of Music in Cambridge, Kramer also applied to Starfleet Academy, but not with the blessings of his father. His father thought there were more important things to do than to “be jumping around the stars”.

Kramer was accepted to Starfleet Academy. At the Academy he did well for himself. He had some friends, but no close friendships. His free time was mostly spent in the library, or at a computer working on different ideas that came to him. He would come up with these wildest ideas, spend time to draw and write down in detail his complex idea or device, but it was soon unfinished and stuffed in a binder or box. He loved to read old technical manuals and science periodicals. From time to time he would submit ideas to improve a system, but he never sent his name along with it.

Kramer completed Starfleet Academy as an Engineer. His first posting out of the Academy was a menial task; monitoring storage and cargo transport systems on a minor space station in Jupiter Orbit. Monitoring transportation systems was his job, but his joy at that time was designing a miniature warp drive system. He dreamed of getting his hands on a real star-drive engine and helping make it work. He continued doing menial tasks as a young officer. This gave him time to work on his ideas.

In 2388, a researcher and developer at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards came across a technical upgrade recommendation for one of his power systems. The theory was mind boggling, but it wasn’t signed. He did some checking into who had created this information. What he found didn’t make sense. The recommendation had been tracked back to a 2nd year student at Starfleet Academy by the name of V. Kramer. He couldn’t believe that some Cadet had proposed this state of the art upgrade schematic by himself. The ideas were astounding. He found many recommendations from V. Kramer sent to researchers at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and other ship yards. This Kramer was a genius, but didn’t know it or didn’t care.

The researcher tracked down and found Kramer assigned to the USS Morgan. After 3 years Kramer was still an Ensign doing mundain tasks on a small surveyor ship. He was assigned to monitor power conduit maintenance & power regulating systems. The researcher pulled some strings and had Kramer reassigned to the USS Halley, a Galaxy Class Starship. With a little convincing by the researcher, the 1st Officer placed Kramer as an Engineer in Main Engineering. Kramer became more encouraged and began to share his ideas.

It wasn't long until, Kramer received a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and transferred to Deep Space Five, as Engineer over Power systems.

The position on the Space Station was so much more than Vincent had expected. But with the support of a good engineering staff, he was able to perform well.

After almost a year serving on the Starbase, Lt. Kramer heard of a new Vessel just being completed. An Elysium Class Starship which was to be a diplomatic ship. It was one of the biggest starships that Starfleet had built with 48 decks and part of that being a 6 deck high arboretum. But more important to Kramer was the engine room, where the warp core had a horizontal tri-core configuration. He submitted his request for transfer.

The transfer was granted and Lt. Kramer assisted the Chief Engineer with the final assembly and preparation of the USS Elysium. He was very much looking forward to its maiden voyage. He had only been aboard for a few months when he was called home to Earth. His mother had taken ill to a bizzar viral infection. She was not responding to normal treatment. He was very concerned for his mother, but also concerned that his time away from Starfleet would impact the posting that he would be given upon his return.

After 4 months in the hospital, Mrs. Kramer awoke one morning and all signs of the infection were gone. Doctors were astounded by the miraculous recovery. Vincent found this all to curious, especially following a security breach that same night at the medical facility. He also found an odd pendant on her table next to the bed. A symbol he did not recognize. It was a curvy ‘S’ shape on its side with a few more little add-one. A week later Mrs. Kramer was home. She asked Vincent to wear the emblem for her while he was away.

Upon Kramer's return to active duty, he was assigned to Obsidian Colony as Asst. Chief Engineer. Obsidian Colony was a planet based colony that was in effect a floating starbase. After half a year of service there, Lt. Kramer was promoted to full Lieutenant and took on the office as Chief Engineer.

Lt. Kramer received a transfer to the USS Trafalgar to the position of Chief Engineering, where he served for almost two years.

Lt. Kramer has no serious medical conditions. He has complained of hearing sounds that others do not. After a full work up, with no ligitimate reason for hearing these sounds it was recommended that he seek Counseling and/or psych evaluation. He has spoken with ship's Counselors about his 'issue', but denies that it hinders his job preformence nor his judgment.

2381-2382 Starfleet Academy - Year I, General Studies
2382-2383 Starfleet Academy - Year II, Technology studies
2383 USS Marshall - Junior Cadet Cruise
2383-2384 Starfleet Academy - Year III, Engineering Syst.
2384 USS Einstein - Senior Cadet Cruise,
--------------------Personal Assistant to Chief Engineer
2384-2385 Starfleet Academy - Year IV, Engineering Power Coordination

2385-2387 Jupiter Supply Station Al Erez
Asst. to the Asst. Transporter Chief
A very mundane position.

2387-2388 USS Morgan
Drake Class Starship – Surveyor
Engineer – Power Conduit Maintenance (small ship)

2388-2389 USS Halley
Galaxy Class Starship – Explorer
Engineer - Power flow and stabilization

Mar 30, 2389 - USS Halley – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

2389 - 2390 Deep Space Five
Celestial Class Starbase
Engineer - Power specialist

2390 - 2390 USS Elysium
Elysium Class Starship
Asst. Chief of Engineering

2390 - 4 month leave of absence.

2390 - 2391 Obsidian Colony
Ocean based starbase - Obsidian Colony
Chief of Engineering

Jun 16, 2391 - Obsidian Colony - Promoted to Lieutenant

2391 - 2393 USS Trafalgar
Akira Class Starship
Chief of Engineering

2393 - USS Newton

Command authorization code, Alpha-tango-six-three-six-zero.”