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Captain Joachim Delbrück

Name Joachim Reinhard Delbrück II

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Specialization Combat - Counter-Insurgency
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 184 cm/6' 0"
Weight 84 kg/185 lb
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Clean shaven with a medium length regulation haircut, he’s the type of man who shaves in the field. His jaw is square and muscular. Eyes are sharp like a hawk and can bore into souls. He rarely smiles and is rarely relaxed in public. Speaks with a clipped German accent, definitely present but there is no issue understanding him.

He is athletic, not terribly muscular but defined. He dedicates much of his free time to physical exercise and it does show. His entire demeanor is regal and at times imposing. He has two walking volumes, silent and a march you can hear a kilometer away. His uniform, and clothing in general, is always immaculately perfect.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Maj Gen (ret) Joachim Delbrück I
Mother Dr. Sophie Delbrück
Brother(s) Franz Delbrück
Sister(s) Commander Maria Albrecht-Delbrück
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cold, professional and exacting, In Ordnung his mantra. As per his Teutonic upbringing he has a stoicism that rivals most Vulcans. As a strict disciplinarian he always has his Marines at their best, training until their tactics are perfect and uniforms are sharp. His martial traits and faith in his training capabilities make him more capable than most of his colleagues to issue and deal with orders that put his people into danger, even those orders bordering on suicidal. This belies his deep respect and his desire to care for those under his command.

He’s blunt and highly unaware of it, often insulting people without meaning it. Although his grasp of Federation Basic is great he reverts back to his native German when his calm is disturbed in any which direction starting with a descent into a thicker accent then into full blown German. While rare, this can be highly disorienting.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is a professional and demanding officer, knowing that his marines rely on him to do his job and that he is the example, any deviation will shatter the image he has made for those under his command. This goes with his philosophy of caring for his people, that unless he is willing to do what he asks them to do then his requests mean nothing. Behind the scenes he’s always arranging leave times, the best rations, best equipment and unless the offense is truly grave stepping up to the chopping block for them and would normally give the shirt off his back (in a dignified manner of course) to any of his marines in hardship. While appearing to be a clean bred nobleman he has no problem, and even enjoys, eating dirt in the field and has a natural knack for the hunting of men having hunted beasts throughout his own childhood. He’s also straight to the point, having no patience to skirt issues and normally has no problem saying what is on his mind as Germans normally do not have tact.

This bluntness could also get him into a heap of trouble as he also tended to inadvertently insult people and not really care. The fact he was successful was the only thing that saved his career on multiple occasions. He normally doesn’t care to be personable can come off as a jerk, which he is to most people. He has issues bottling up his emotions that could lead to violent, and usually inappropriate, expressions of passion. The old school upbringing had the negative effect of a general dislike of modern technology that doesn't help the war fighter, prefering to avoid anything else more advanced than the computer controlled lights. His perfectionist streak usually ticks off both subordinates and superiors.
Ambitions With his family full of noted military leaders, Joachim feels a need to match their feats of greatness even feeling a tinge of disappointment that he was not old enough to lead troops in the Dominion War like his father had. His goal is to earn a spot in his family’s legacy. After an honorable career he desires to settle in a quiet part of the German countryside with a family and a small vineyard, running a small architectural firm and raising the next generation Delbruck warriors
Hobbies & Interests Growing up he was exposed to many hobbies, but only a few stuck. First and foremost he's jaeger, a hunter and outdoorsman. A keen marksman, he grew up with a rifle in his hand and an eye as sharp as a hawk’s. To this day he never skips a range day if he can help it. Much to his mother’s chagrin he also grew up scrambling on rocks and exploring the wilderness, honing his orienteering skills. All of this combined for a lifelong passion for the outdoors and hunting game, two things that translated well to service in the Corps.

An avid student of history and architecture he is rarely without a few books and a sketchbook, even when out in the field. It started with his own fascination of his own family’s history and the Gothic architecture of his native lands and quickly spread to a military history and the architectural choices throughout the galaxy. His holodeck time is split between wargaming, seeing if he could fare better than those on the losing side or learn from the great masters, and exploring the wonders of the universe and building his own.

Though not a fan playing music he has an ear for dancing. One of the few times where he can cut loose was on the ballroom floor, flourish and fluid movement, it was a place where his emotions could truly flow. The same sorts of movement that come into swordplay, a beautiful mix of grace and brutality. When not throwing himself around the dance floor he enjoys fine wines, liquor and, unsurprisingly, beer.


Personal History Noble Upbringing

”Soldiers do not like being under the command of one who is not of noble birth”

Joachim was born the oldest of three at his family’s estate on the Neckar river on 20 March 2365. His father, Joachim I, ran the family vineyard while also maintaining his status as a Reserve Marine Officer, the men in the Delbrück family were expected to fulfil some martial duties. His mother, Sophie, came from an Austrian family and spent most of her time as a nobleman’s wife though she regularly lectured at Universities in Heidelberg putting her philosophy PhD to work.

The young Joachim was immediately shown the wonders of the outdoors thanks to his father’s insistence on taking the boy with him to tour the many acres of vineyards and orchards the family owned. It was his father that taught him how to hunt and live off the land, a seemingly flawless combination of military training and the sensibility of a gentleman. Joachim had the perfect training ground with the estate boasting a large untouched wilderness teeming with red deer. Even at a young age the boy was developing a rugged individualism and a sense of discipline that comes from the use of a gun and the tracking of game. It was also from his father that he gained a love for mountaineering and, much to his mother’s chagrin, rock climbing.

Although it was considered unusual Joachim had joined his father during most of his reservist drills before the war broke out, fueling the imagination of the future Marine. His father was an infantry officer and took his studies seriously, leading his men through combat drills and exercises. He had a knack for winning when the odds were against stacked against him, even against the regular forces.

This sparked many imaginary adventures in the mind of the young Joachim of leading Prussian Hussars against Napoleon, Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck against the British in Africa and many other adventures. Another ‘gentlemanly’ habit he picked up from his father was swordsmanship, having taking such a dedication to it that he regularly competed in fencing competitions and carried a blade with him wherever he went. From his father he learned to be an officer: Disciplined, loyal, competent and being a warrior.

Sophie also insisted the boy get a more cultural training in the arts of music and philosophy, often taking him on her trips to Heidelberg. While he took well to things such as history she had a hard time trying to get Joachim to focus on things while in the old city itself until she found out that it wasn’t a lack of desire to learn that was the problem, it was the fact he was focusing on the architecture itself. Even at a young age he had an appreciation for the grandeur of the past.

This appreciation with grandeur did not fully extend to music, having picked the piano when his mother demanded that Joachim learn a cultured hobby he had been sorely disappointed to find that it was less wild composer pounding away in the candlelight and more a music instructor constantly telling him to keep his back straight and movements clean and methodical. Fortunately for the young Graf that same rule did not necessarily apply to the world of ballroom dancing, one of the few times he’d let his cold exterior down. It was from his mother that he learned the lessons of the gentleman at home: Chivalry, humbleness, manners and intelligence.

Throughout his childhood he always challenged himself though he found little time to deal with his own emotions, finding it uncouth to burden others with his own feelings. He took the German Stoicism and Noble atmosphere seriously, often quoting that he would not allow anyone to see him bleed. This did not prevent him from attracting any female attention in his youth, if anything the coldness added a bit of mystery when combined with a body used to swimming the Neckar at least four times a week and the dexterity of a man that could put many holo-movie sword fighters to shame. It took a lot for him to betray any emotion. Watching his father leave to fight the Dominion War was one of those occasions, having to take ceremonial charge of his grandfather’s funeral was another.

After the war his father surprisingly did not change much. Joachim did though, what little bit of human emotion he normally displayed was gone assuming the role of the German Nobleman almost perfectly. Until the time he was eighteen his life was dominated by educating himself in the ways of a warrior gentleman, something that would help him years down the line.

Warrior’s Schooling

“A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition”
-Rudyard Kipling

With his experiences and skills lying with ground combat it was only natural that he would attend the Marine Academy at Annapolis. From day one he stuck out though many of the children, and there they all were, had a parent in the Corps it was Joachim that had the perfect uniform and the ability to keep order amongst himself and those around him often earning him remarks of everything having to be ‘in Ordnung’ with him. It wasn’t far from the truth, in every new situation he would tackle it in a methodical manner.

His social life in the academy was an interesting experience to say the least. Having scored spots on the Academy’s rifle and fencing teams he had gained some notoriety. Still, he found it difficult at best to make any personal connections,due mostly to his off putting nature. He was there to complete one job and nothing would interfere with it. Though he did find himself in the occasional Academy romance he had little in the way of actual friends. In what was considered a great irony only to them the one person he would call his best friend was a Russian named Alexi Andropov from a far flung colony that had all the warmth that Joachim lacked.

Academically he was a rock star of sorts. Having spent much of his youth learning of ancient warriors and practicing battle tactics himself in the forests of southern Germany quickly made him a class favorite and him a special brand of hatred from a few of his more resentful classmates. When it came time to choose a speciality there was nothing else Joachim wanted more than to wear the colors of an infantry officer. After attending Advanced Infantry Training and Orbital drop training he was sent to his first unit, the prestigious 1st Battalion 5th Marines.

Audacity, always audacity

"Somewhere a True Believer is training to kill you. He is training with minimum food or water, in austere conditions, day and night. The only thing clean on him is his weapon. He doesn't worry about what workout to do---his rucksack weighs what it weighs, and he runs until the enemy stops chasing him. The True Believer doesn't care 'how hard it is'; he knows he either wins or he dies. He doesn't go home at 1700; he is home. He knows only the 'Cause.' Now, who wants to quit?"

Life in the Southwest United States was drastically different than what he had experienced so far in his life. The desert was a new challenge for him to conquer, at least initially. The actual challenge was trying to integrate into the regular Corps, something many of his classmates said he couldn’t do with his blue blood and funny accent. Only Alexi, who had been posted to an armored unit, seemed to have any faith that Joachim would actually lead his platoon well.

Surprisingly, despite the naysayers, Joachim’s detached style of leadership worked well with his new team where they seemed to appreciate his ‘In Ordnung’ style, especially when their food and equipment improved. It also helped that the young German enjoyed the long ruck marches and combat drills that seemed so tedious to the enlisted. Never having patience with long briefings and cookie-cutter combat drills he had great fun creating his own fights with the assistance of the Platoon Sergeant, Dipprasad Shrestha, and making the marines the best he could. He was one of the men while still maintaining the dignity of his station.

1st Battalion did have a few deployments but for the most part they were just to put out brush fires before they started or just to be a show of force in case one of the powers got a little too rowdy. Though whenever there was a fight the fighting German and his Platoon were always the first ones into the fray. His unit was always highly motivated and effective, a combination of Joachim’s inherent discipline and desire for glory he instilled in his unit. Still, this was a time after the grand war was over and all Joachim saw himself doing was playing a glorified Law Enforcement officer and nothing more. Times for him would change soon.

We won, no matter the strategy

“Given the same amount of intelligence, timidity will do a thousand times more damage than audacity”
- Karl von Clausewitz

Upon his promotion to First Lieutenant he was transferred to the coveted position of Alpha Platoon leader and the not as envied job of the company’s ‘training officer’. Joachim didn’t mind the change of pace though especially when it coincided with a forward deployment to the Cardassian Border where in some places the Dominion War had never really ended. It looked liked the German was going to get just what he wanted, a fight worthy of the training he had gone through.

The fights were more intense as the mission began to change. The Battalion was no longer there just to put out brush fires, they were there to prevent them in the first place and by this point pitched battles were not all that uncommon. They took on active convoy and patrol missions as part of their everyday mission, something that Joachim usually volunteered for when he could. Though his desire for a straight up fight was beginning to temper he felt an obligation to the people who served under him to share and the danger, though the desire for glory was still there. When not playing protection or on sweep and destroy missions he was planning and executing training scenarios for 1st Company. Not considered the most glamorous of duties he did enjoy it, especially being out in the front with little in the way of set doctrine. He’d pick through old battles of years gone by and take inspiration from them always adding a bit of flare and excitement to the training.

Through it all he still had a reputation as an unwavering disciplinarian with a strict adherence to regulations when in garrison yet when it came to exercises and combat he tended to be more flexible, doing what was necessary to win. During one Battalion level exercise he led his platoon across a river to lead a surprise attack against the Battalion XO’s, leader of the Blue Team, HQ effectively ending the exercise. Although the XO attempted to argue that Joachim had broken the rules as his platoon as the swim across the river caused them to leave heavy equipment behind, the CO sided with Joachim’s simple argument of ‘We won, no matter the strategy.’

What defined his time on New Namibia was when his platoon’s convoy overwatch position was surrounded by local rebels. Isolated by jammers and the sheer number of soldiers in the area it was several hours before the Marines could get a solid idea of what was going on. Determined to at least get back into radio contact with HQ he and the platoons designated marksman attempted to locate the jammers. Once located, and under the cover of darkness, he personally led a team to neutralize the jammers and as the sun crested over the hill was finally able to establish contact with HQ. The rebels attempted one last push up the hill where Joachim gave the order to hold the lines with blades if necessary. Support and rescue did arrive but not before the platoon got blood on their hands. Joachim was lauded for keeping the team together and sent home to recover.

The Hunt

”There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”
-Ernest Hemingway

He was welcomed home with much fanfare as it had been over a year since the young aristocrat had seen Earth and it felt both comforting and strange to him. While he accepted the celebration, his thoughts about his on New Namibia began to take hold. He had his first bitter taste of hard battle and he didn’t know what he felt, something between pride and disgust, all he did know that it was something he’d try to attain again. During this time he learned to deal with his demons and channel the energy into more positive activities.

It was here that he was approached by the Colonel in charge of the recently returned 5th Marines to present Joachim the opportunity to indulge his cravings. The 13th MEU, stationed along the Klingon Border, was one of the most active units in the Corps. While most marine units had been relegated to defensive positions the 13th made regular assaults on pirate dens. This suited the Bavarian Nobleman just fine as he once more laced up his combat boots.

He was given his company and quite a bit of freedom to run things the way he needed to. The flipside of this was also learning not just when to use strength but when to use compassion. While cutting down villages that may be harboring terrorists may seem more prudent he learned that bringing fresh water garnered better results and more actionable intelligence.

This didn’t detract from the fighting that happened more frequently. He was gaining a reputation among the ranking officers for not only his tactical skills but general aggressiveness in dealing with threats. This began to worry his superiors, bringing concerns that he may end up starting a fight that would start a raging fire. Still they couldn’t convince Colonel Madeline Harlow to reign him in. Madeline had served as one of Joachim I’s junior officers during the Dominion War and had requested Joachim II for his relentless aggression.

Eventually enemies became harder to find and Madeline acquiesced to the cries of her subordinates. She also realized that after a year and a half in the field the German could use a more civilized posting. Seeing as he had not yet fulfilled his required posting on with a naval detachment she thought that would kill two birds with one stone. She knew he’d agree even if he didn’t enjoy the idea, he was a soldier after all and he fought where he was told and he won where he fought.