Hands Clean

Posted on 06/17/2019 @ 3:54pm by Captain Diana Reisz

Mission: Crewing Up
Location: USS Newton / SB36

"-Of course you'll have Intelligence breathing down your neck-" Eleanore Willoughby was saying, but her voice had become nothing more than a droning noise in Diana's ears. She's narrowed her focus down to staring at the ship outside the viewport. The great big, beautiful Olympic class vessel. Sure, she wasn't sleek and she wasn't armed to the teeth, but she was her's and that made her glorious. Her ship. Her ship. Gods, that had such a ring to it. She glanced back at Eleanore who was still gabbing on then back out the Newton.

"El, that's my girl! Isn't she stupendous?" Diana breathed more than said.

"Di, you might as well have been gifted a riding mower with a security detail. You'll be studying space gas and minutiae for the next twenty years. I don't understand why you're so happy." Willoughby waved a hand in Diana's direction, which Diana casually swatted away. That one she'd obviously heard.

There was no change in her demeanor, her smile, her humming excitement. Her tone, however, took on a bit of an edge. "I've got crew to meet." With that, Diana plucked up her bag and left observation deck.

Minutes later she was standing on the station's transporter pad, and from there, jostling through the crowd towards the Newton's docking slip. She checked in with the crewman at the docking slip, then hurried inside, feeling just a bit giddy when the newness of all of it washed over it. This ship had never had a captain but her. It had never had a crew before the one that would take it out with her. Everything was fresh. A new start. One that hopefully would have a little more meaning in it than what had come to pass before.

And hands clean. Diana took a deep breath and let her smile carry all throughout her body. Yes, and hands clean. She adjusted the bag on her shoulder then headed for the turbolift, intent on seeing what the bridge looked like.