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Collecting Sabine

Posted on 06/19/2019 @ 12:12pm by Captain Diana Reisz

Mission: Crewing Up
Location: SB 357 / USS Astraea

She looked older, Diana thought as she looked at her niece, who was surprisingly grown up in a tunic and slacks. Shying away from the social worker attempting to hold her hand and her files all at once. Diana nodded to her, but her eyes were on Sabine, who was busy looking at anything but anyone.

"Commander Reisz. Janet Hoffman." The woman gave up trying to have contact with Sabine and went straight to Diana with a PADD in hand. "I'll keep it short since we've already spoken. I'll just need your signature- I've included medical, psychological and academic files. We'll be checking in with you in three months to make sure that everything's okay."

"I'm sure that everything will be just fine," the commander answered on knee jerk response. "Can I take her now?"

"Mmm hmm." There was an exchanging of PADDs and a tote, then the social worker smiled and exclaimed "She's all yours."

"Sabine?" Diana rounded the girl's elbow and put a gentle pressure on her elbow to lead her forward. "Come on darling. Let's get you settled in. Are you hungry? Thirsty?"

"I think I'm thirsty.." Sabine uttered listlessly.

"Then we take care of that first thing." They walked in silence for a little bit, neither saying a thing until Diana squeezed the teen's arm lightly. "I'm glad that you're here. I know that I'm.. the odd aunt, but I'm going to do my best to-"

The topic didn't seem to interest Sabine in the least. "How old were you when grandma and grandpa died?"

Diana paused for a moment. "Twenty."

"Mom said you were really close to them. So it hurt." The teen uttered bluntly. "I was really close to my parents, so you know how that feels. I need space."

"Oh," was all Diana could think to say as she guided Sabine to their shared quarters. She pointed the teen to her room which she promptly disappeared to and didn't come back out of once she had her drink.

Diana waited for a bit: she paced, sat on the sofa, paced some more. Then went back to her duties for lack of knowing what else to do. If this was life with a mourning teenager, it looked nothing like what she thought it would.


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