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A Brief Meeting

Posted on 06/30/2019 @ 9:40pm by Captain Diana Reisz

Mission: Crewing Up
Location: USS Newton / SB36

Lt Jg Sar Rai had dropped off to her bag in her room briefly, all but tossing it into the floor before she straightened her uniform. She turned, heading toward the bridge.

When the woman's boots touched the deck of the main control center of the vessel, she had the momentary wash of nervousness that most newly appointed officers felt. She had to remind herself that this was not the case, that she had served before, on several vessels, and well.

Sar glanced around the bridge, noting the few eager officers who now held their stations, despite the ship still being in dock. When one looked her way with a smile, Sar nodded to them. "The commanding officer, please."

"Commander Reisz in right over there." the young ensign gestured. Newly plucked from the academy, Sar had no doubt. She gave her thanks and, putting her hands behind her, strolled toward the CO.

"Commander Reisz?" Sar asked, standing at attention. "Lt Jg Sar Rai, Assistant to the chief of operations."

"Lieutenant Rai, it's good to meet you," Reisz offered out a hand to shake. "I haven't met your counterpart just yet. I'm sure that they'll check in shortly. How was your trip here?"

Sar glanced at the hand, hesitating before putting out her own and shaking the CO's. "It was well, Commander, although a long trip. I am looking forward to working on a science vessel, As for the chief, the gunny mentioned that Lt Commander Hyde was delayed via runabout but was on his way."

Diana shook her hand firmly. "That's good. What ship runs can run without its nervous system, right? I always thought that's what Ops is: the nervous system of the ship. Every other department relies on you."

Sar nodded. "I agree. That's what drew me to the field in the first place - the organization and simple structure of Ops and what it can do for the ship."

"I started in science. I can't keep out of things, but my roommate was in ops. I wouldn't have survived the cadet cruise if it wasn't for her." Diana said with a grin.

Despite her usual stoic nature, Sar wanted to smile back at the CO. And she almost did. Instead the corner of her lips tugged upward just slightly. "We do tend to be the 'glue' in a lot of situations, I found. No idea why." Looking around the bridge again, Sar stood at ease, her most comfortable post. "So ma'am, is there anything specific that you need done before I start? Although I am sure there will be some calls as different departments need some minor adjustments as they settle in."

"Nothing pressing has come to my attention as of yet. You might check the ticketing system though. New ships always have hiccups. Engineers would love to tell you that everything works perfectly, but they don't." Diana began to count on her fingers all of the usual suspects. "Computers act strange. Logins don't work. Replicators fritz up. You know what I mean."

"I will do that, Commander. I want this ship running as smooth as possible from my end as fast as possible. Less risk of simple problems along the line." She tightened her stance. "If that suits you ma'am, I'll go check that out right now and start."

Diana grinned again. "Alright. Have a good one, lieutenant, and welcome to the Newton!"

Lt Jg Sar Rai
Assistant Chief of Operations
USS Newton


Commander Diana Reisz
Commanding Officer
USS Newton


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