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All in a rush

Posted on 07/07/2019 @ 1:38pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Kestro Ral Son of the Fifth House of Betazed

Mission: Crewing Up
Location: Counseling Suite
Timeline: backpost

Kestro stood, arms crossed across his chest, staring out the large port afforded to this suite. The Betazoid man had arrived only a few short hours before, and thought it best to acquaint himself with the facilities at his disposal before settling into his personal quarters.

He knew that he needed to report in, but wanted to get a deep understanding of his workspace and its energies. It is because of this that he summoned the CO to meet with him below decks.

The chime announced her presence, but Diana knocked anyways. It was an old habit that she didn't care to break. It was, in her opinion, old world charm.

“Come in!” Kestro called moving to greet the Captain at the threshold.

Diana stepped into the room and took a look around. It had yet to have the personal touches of the counselor applied, making it look much like the counseling suite on every other starship. The counselor, however, she met with a polite smile. "Good afternoon."

“Is it?” He asked, tilting his head ever so slightly.

"It's productive to say the least," Diana course corrected since it seemed that this was a working meet. "How was your trip here?"

“Productive,” he started, turning away from the Commander, “to say the least.” He mirror her previous response. He looked back to his CO and smiled.

"I'll need to be bringing my niece in to see you shortly. I'll make an appointment for myself as well. We've had a family tragedy. I'm sure you need that kind of thing added to new ship busy work." Inwardly, Diana winced at her choice of words, but there it was: awkward and out there."I'm sorry. I'm still putting all of this together myself and trying to work through compartmentalizing preparing a new ship to launch."

“I’d be delighted to meet your niece.” Kestro smiled warmly. “Is like to work on some relaxation techniques with you, perhaps that would help?” He suggested.

"Relaxation isn't my issue at the moment. I can compartmentalize just fine. It's just.. you know what grief does. It sits on your shoulders and just crushes you. It's worse for Sabine, but she flounders between too brave and on the edge of meltdown. She doesn't want to talk. I'm almost glad because I don't know what I'd say," the commander admitted almost guiltily. "Maybe it's a bit too thin of a filter, but I've never been the most floral with words."

“Thank the Deities for Counselors.” Kestro offered with a smile.

"Something like that," the woman huffed, "I'm just venting. I can do that later, though. I've a million things that need my attention. Is there something of me that you need since you called me down here?"

Kestro quickly rummaged through a stack of PADDs on a coffee table and produced a specific one. “My transfer orders.” He said handing them to the Commander.

"Perfect. Perfect.." She uttered as she took them. "Welcome to the Newton. You'll be so busy with this crew."

“I’m not sure if that reassuring or discouraging.” Kestro said with a smile. “Well, I will let you get back to your work. I look forward to meeting with you soon.”

"I will make an appointment soon. Promise." Diana gave a little wave as she headed for the door before bustling out the same way that she bustled in.


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