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Operational Engineering

Posted on 07/09/2019 @ 10:31pm by Lieutenant Commander Charles West & Lieutenant JG Jada Reese

Mission: Crewing Up
Location: Main Engineering

Charlie was heading down to the main pit in engineering, reviewing a few of the specs and read outs that his assistant chief had given him, "Looks like these two computer relays need to be re-calibrated, though," He was saying, pointing at a particular junction.

"Yessir," Jada Reese replied. "I'd like to see if we can handle it, sir?"

"Why?" Charlie asked, looking over at her with a furrowed brow.

"Just so we don't have to rely on Operations as much, sir," She explained.

Charlie laughed, "Jada, if we don't rely on operations, we don't have a functional crew." He said, tapping his combadge, "Chief Engineer to Chief Ops, Lieutenant Charlie West calling. Could I get you to meet me in main engineering?" He asked, happily across the line.

Sar was just leaving security when the call came in. Surprised that she was this busy, this quick, she tapped her badge. "Rai to engineering, I'll be there in a few minutes."

When she entered, she stopped short, looking around the space.

"Howdy, Chief," Charlie said, approaching the new arrival. "I'm Lieutenant West, Chief Engineer," He said, offering her a hand to shake.

He noticed her gaze around engineering and smiled broader, "Something else, ain't it?"

The woman glanced at the hand, hesitating before offering her own. She barely grasped his fingers, giving a light squeeze before pulling her own hand back and placing it once again behind her back.

"Actually, I'm assistant to the chief. Lt Jg Sar Rai. What's the problem, sir?"

"Oh, my bad," Charlie said with a slightly less bright grin, "I figured the Chief would have come down, shouldn't assumed," He offered with a nod. "We have some computer junctions down here that I wanted to see if you could take a look at with me a Jada," He said, nodding to the ebony skinned Engineering officer standing behind him. "She's my assistant chief and so far is constantly making me look good," He said with a wink to his assistant chief.

Jada rolled her eyes, but a smile curled to corners of her lips, "Junction six and ten aren't relaying data correctly. I could have fixed them myself, but the chief insisted we call you down here. Just some dropped packets is all," she explained with a shrug.

Sar nodded. "I see. That doesn't sound too bad. Perhaps, if you are willing, Jada and I could fix the problem together?" she paused, then in a hurried voice, "Unless she has other duties at the moment, sir."

"I think I'm good with that," Charlie said with a grin. "You guys have at it, I'm going to finish up my rounds, okay?"

"Sounds good," Jada said with a smile to the Ops officer.

With the chief gone, Sar turned to Jada. "Show me the way."

Jada gave her a quirky smile and nodded, "Come on then," She said, turning and heading down a short set of stairs.

When they reached the junctions, Sar took out her padd. "I'd like to run a few diagnostic tests, just to be able to rule out what we can through the computer first."

"No problem," Jada replied. "I can tell you the secondary buffer coil is shot, though. The other systems seem like they're working okay... I... sorry, I like computers," She said, chuckling shyly to herself. "I'm not trying to do your job."

Rai let the corner of her mouth raise into a slightly smile toward the woman. Only for a moment. But there it was. "Not at all," she said as she tapped on her padd, requesting the diagnostics. "I appreciate the help." Setting down the padd she pulled out her toolkit. "Perhaps we should get started on that coil and approach any other problems as they come up then?"

At the acknowledgment from Jada, the pair worked in tandem, far better than strangers often did from different departments. They finished the task quickly, and while the diagnostic showed no extraneous ware and tare of the rest of the system, Sar made the call to replace one of the other coils, feeling that it would be better to start out with them both retrofitted and working at peak performance right from the start.

From his perch in the upper level of engineering, Charlie had watched the duo with a grin, hearing their chuckles and laughter as they worked on the project. Now, with Sar leaving, he turned his full attention back to his project. Yeah... this was going to be a good ship.


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