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Posted on 07/02/2019 @ 7:11pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Carson Fleming II

Mission: Crewing Up
Location: Sickbay

It certainly wasn't a common sight for a starships new CO to be standing in the waiting area with a teen in the sobbing stages of a near meltdown. The girl's eyes glassy and red with tears, arms crossed tightly over her chest, breath coming in ragged sobs, yet she refused to be consoled by Diana. Instead, she stayed about a foot away from her and glared at nothing in particular while her aunt attempted to quietly talk sense into her.

"He'll just tell you the same thing that I'm telling you, Sabine," cooed Diana, who had crossed her arms over her chest as well , almost mirroring Sabine's pose. "Starships are more stringent on safety protocols. Everyone coming on and off a ship except in crisis situations are screened diligently. It's easier to have slip ups on colony worlds. And that wasn't a slip-up, darling, that was biological warfare. No one could expect or prepare for that-"

"What is the god damn racket going out there," He said loudly, completely unaware if his voice would carry out to the waiting area. He stormed, well stormed as much as one could with a cane and bad leg, to the waiting room to find the waiting scene. He looked at the CO as well as the teenager, his face showing a flurry of different emotions before he locked eyes with his superior officer, "What?" he demanded.

The doctor's tone didn't move Diana one bit. "Doctor, this is my niece and ward, Sabine Taledano. She's recently lost her parents to a plague on a colony world. I've been reassuring her that we've much better checks and balances on starships and that I'm in good health. I figured allowing her to see my check up would help cement that idea."

Carson looked his CO straight in the eyes, thinking for a moment, before looking down at Sabine. His tone changed slightly, his irritation and grumpiness not hidden, or masked, but complimented with a true genuine tone of pleasure. "It's nice to meet you," He looked back up at Diana, his normal tone of irritation returning, scoffing, "Colony medicals are a bunch of monkeys effing footballs. All crap."

He shifted slightly, taking a step closer, bringing himself to an almost social distance between himself and Sabine, ignoring the CO for a moment. His voice was firm but welcoming, calm but not the least bit patronizing. "You're more than welcome to come in for her physical if you want. Or if you want me to give you a quick once over to make sure everything is alright with you, we can make that happen as well."

"I would like to make sure," Sabine tripped over her own words, "Again, I mean. I would like to be more than sure that I'm alright, too. They checked me on the colony when they found the few of us that lived. Only those of us on the camping trip out of the whole settlement.."

He smiled a reassuring smile, one that looked awkward on his face but still relayed the comfort. "Follow me back, we'll run a scan or two and make sure you're in tip-top shape." He turned and began walking back into sickbay to lead the way, after giving Reisz a look of animosity.

Diana just shrugged at his hostile look and trailed after them. At least he could feign sweetness towards patients.

As he walked he pointed Sabine to a bio bed as he walked to the console. "They ain't comfortable but hop up." He looked at Reisz and lifted his cane in step to another bed, which was several down from Sabine's. "Yours." He stopped at the console to turn on the bio bed diagnostics and to collect his tricorder. "Have you been feeling off in any way? Not normal? Pains, aches?"

"My head has been hurting, but I've been crying a lot. I think that's it. I've been kind of a wreck while I was in quarantine - just in case. Then it took a while for the people to get me to Aunt Diana. I'm supposed to get counseling on ship.." Sabine drew in a shaky breath. "I'm a mess. I don't hurt anywhere else. No other pains or aches. I'm not sleeping well. I have awful nightmares."

Carson listened intently, breaking eye contact only when he had to make sure his hands were going the right place to pick up equipment or his cane. He moved slowly around the console, coming up to the bed, with a little more than an arms length between him and her. "The crying can definitely give headaches," he said in agreement with her speculation. He opened the tricorder and began scanning at her feet and working his way up, explaining softly what he was doing as he did it. "Counseling is a good thing to have. Don't feel embarrassed by it, everyone needs it from time to time, even doctors." He finished his scan setting down the tricorder for a moment and picking up another instrument. "Would it be okay for me to draw some blood?"

Diana watched as Sabine nodded. She could only hear bits of the conversation, but she did notice that Sabine had relaxed a great deal. Thank goodness for small miracles.

He got close, but stopped just shy of taking the blood sample, waiting for her consent. "Checking your blood will be the fastest and most accurate test. You'll feel it, but it should only feel like a pin prick." He pulled the device back a little, not wanting her to feel coerced.

Sabine nodded her head. "Okay," she said after a moment.

With a deft move of the hands he removed the blood sample with as minimal invasiveness as possible. He took the sample to the analyzing station next to the bed, setting it in and quickly starting the software. "All your initial scans looked great, The initial scans of your blood show you 100% clean." He turned to face her again, taking a step and leaning on the cane more heavily. "One scan takes about a day, but I'm not the least concerned about it. The moment I have the results I'll let you know. But everything else is perfect," he said with a smile. "You're as healthy as can be."

He grabbed a PaDD, setting it on the bed next to her so he could tap away with one hand. "You come down whenever you need a place to breath. My door is always open, and our conversation will always be between us. Take this PaDD, it has some good holodeck suggestions that may help with the nightmares too. Or come chat with me, but don't let them bottle," he said tapping her head gently before setting the PaDD next to her. "Do you have any questions?"

Sabine shook her head no. She took the PaDD and tucked it up under her arm. "Thank you," she said with a sniffle. "And for being calm with me."

"My dear," he chuckled as he put a hand on her shoulder, "Nothing to thank me for, you can be my patient anytime. Better than some others," he said with a wink nodding towards Reisz. "Speaking of which, I should go check on her." He turned on his good leg, using his cane like an oar to spin himself around and began the walk towards her. What happiness in his face and step drained out with each foot and cane fall until he got up to Reisz's bio bed console, which he tapped away to start the diagnostic. "Pain, aches, symptoms since your last physical?" He asked curtly.

"None," Diana sighed as he began. Her posture was almost as stiff as his demeanor. "I've got a pain in the ass left elbow, but that's noted."

He grunted acknowledgment as he walked around the console flicking open the tricorder with his one hand as his other kept pace with the cane. With his feet planted he pulled the probe and began his assessment starting at the head, explaining each step with his normal air of irritation. "How did you injure the elbow? What's your treatment plan for it at the moment?" He asked in between explanations, almost annoying himself to break his normal cadence.

Diana rolled up her sleeve so the doctor could see the long, slim scar that ran along her the lower side of her left elbow. "It was on an away mission three years ago. There was an explosion that threw us back into a wall hard. I landed on my elbow which blossomed into a lovely olecranon fracture. It was knitted up and physical therapy followed, but it still aches sometimes. When it acts up, I usually do more PT until it stops bothering me again."

"Does it hurt now?" He asked, working down through his assessment, muttering to himself in varying tones of agitation. He worked his way down to her feet, switching between the probe and physical assessments.

"It gripes in the mornings.." she admitted. After a moment of silence Diana broached the more pressing issue that was on her mind. "Is Sabine physically alright? I'm taking her to the counselor after this. She insisted on making sure that we were both well first."

"She is fine," he said, the negativity notably almost gone in his voice as he packed up the medical tricorder. "One last test is running now on her blood, but I have no concerns about it." His normal demeanor returned, "You're fine too. All set."

Carson alternated between feeling her left and right elbows as well as her shoulders. He settled his hands on her left arm, grasping firmly but not overbearing on her forearm and shoulder. A couple tugs and twists yielded several pops across her arm. He worked up to the shoulder, giving the arm a couple tugs in different directions yielding more internal noises. "Overcompensating because of the elbow," he scolded. "It'll hurt more for the day, but tomorrow it'll be better." He said with some indifference, typing away on the PaDD. "Questions?"

"Thank you. And no," Diana told him with a subdued smile. She was thoroughly pleased to see that he'd somehow charmed Sabine into being manageably calm even if she wasn't sure what he'd said or did. "We'll get out of your hair now."

"Thank god, you know I have work to do besides babysit you and your effing ward," he grumbled quietly as he turned and walked away. He walked past Sabine, stopping for a moment, "Anytime you need something my door is open," He said sincerely before continuing on.


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