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Security Concerns

Posted on 06/18/2019 @ 2:09pm by Captain Diana Reisz

Mission: Crewing Up
Location: Newtown Bridge

Looking at the Olympic class ship while docked impressed Mrell more than he expected. It was bigger than he made it out in his mind, and although he knew the power did not directly equate to size, it still made him feel better.

Walking to the docking port, Mrell wondered how much of his new role was going to be stopping scientist from doing something stupid or more accurately so brilliant it got them all killed. Chuckling to himself about this, he walked onto his new home.

Stepping into the lift he thought, Should I get this over with now or later, after a nothing moment he stated, "Let do this now, Computer Bridge,"

It didn't take long for Mrell to find himself stepping out onto the Bridge. As he walked over to the center of the room where the young Captain was sitting, he straightened himself, "Captain Reisz, Lt. Mrell, Cheif of Security, reporting for duty,"

"Welcome to the Newton," Commander Riesz said as she rose up from her seat. She was nowhere near his height, but every bit as confident as she offered her hand to shake. "I hope that your trip here wasn't too troublesome."

He took her hand with a gentle grip, "Not at all, Ma'ma. In fact, it allowed me to catch up on some outstanding reports from the London. Which I am sure my replacement will be pleased to have."

"Fantastic. I don't know if you got the communique last minute that we'll be hosting a platoon of marines onboard the Newton. That might offer an opportunity. Do with that information as you wish at your discretion." Diana made it a point not to tell her senior officers how to run their departments. She'd offer points or point out flaws, but what was theirs was theirs until it wasn't anymore.

His mind raced directly to black ops and classified weapons of war for why else would this ship need marines. Not wanting to give away his thoughts, he tilted to the side to express confusion, "I am happy to work with the Marine Commander. But Captain Why is a science Vessell getting a Platoon of Marines?" he asked bluntly after seeing they were alone beside one other officer in the back of the Bridge.

"One of the tasks that the Newton has been assigned is testing out various new toys sent from on high. The marines will be doing some of that testing once the weapons are deemed safe to be used outside of a lab scenario. They'll also be acting as security for delivering finished projects off ship to where they need to go. Ship security- as always- will be in the hands of the security department first and foremost," Diana reassured the caitian.

Looking around the Bridge Mrell smiled, "Thank you for that Clarification Captain," He paused as he ran his hand over a console next to what he assumed was the XO's seat, "Seeing how we are getting Directly to the points of things, which I do enjoy, may I have permission to speak freely?"

"Please do," Diana told him. This would likely be interesting. She'd only been actively in command of a vessel for a few hours and yet to be asked that magic question.

"Thank you," He stated softly with a nod, "It sounds to me that we are going to have several highly experimental and possibly classified systems and or weapon aboard. If I am to do my job, I need your guarantee that I will be informed on what these systems and weapons are, along with their purpose and possible risks they pose to this ship. Without that knowledge, I can't anticipate possible threats and keep this ship secure. Right now I am deeply concerned about being blindsided about the risks an experiment poses," Stopping his tail begin to twitch in anticipation.

"I don't plan on keeping you out of the loop on anything that comes onboard this ship," She told him, resisting the urge to pat his hand. "I'm not that kind of captain. I may tell you that I need you to trust me when I have to leave pieces out, but that's not out of any disrepect for you. That's either because I don't have the information or I can't give it to you at that time. Anything unknown gets tested in simulation only before being deemed whether it can be safe enough for live testing. I don't scrimp on the protocol."

Mrells cat eyes looked deeply into the Captains as he debated how to take her response, "I appreciate that and understand the unknowns with untested technology," He chose not to address possibly having trust in her holding back, "Do we have an idea yet of what our first assignment is going to be?"

Diana shook her head. "Not yet. So far we're still awaiting crew and awaiting word. At least we've time to settle."

"Yes, that will be nice. I need to assess my staff and determine where their skills best fit onboard," He nodded, "Is there anything you need from me in the meantime, Captain?"

Again, the commander shook her head. "Not at the moment. It was nice meeting you, lieutenant."

"If you need anything let me know, Captain," He said softly before turning to head to the lift. Not too sure how he felt about his first interactions. It takes two working weeks to know if you like someone, he reminded himself


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