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On Your Way

Posted on 07/01/2019 @ 11:07pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Commander Charles West

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: USS Newton

With a mug of hot coffee in her hands, Diana was feeling much more herself again. She had a night of good sleep behind her, a real breakfast under her belt, and even a good morning from Sabine who seemed in a fair mood that morning. It was almost normal. With the addition of the coffee, almost perfect.

Perfection, is such a fragile thing, though, as her computer console chimed and a "Priority One" image appeared over "Starfleet Command" on her monitor.

Diana set her coffee aside and sat up a little straighter before telling the computer to put the call through.

"Good morning, Commander," And older man with a stark leather eyepatch said. His face showed the lines of a man who'd been through hell and back a few times, but his good eye held an earnesty and kindness that was uncommon. "Sorry to bother you so early, but this is a pressing matter," He explained.

"Pressing matters rarely wait for good times," Diana offered with a quirky grin. "What can I do for you, sir?"

"The USS Elliot has detected a series of spacial anomalies out near the Marsden nebula. They're a marine vessel, so they're not equipped for scientific research and discovery like the Newton is. You've been chosen to investigate the phenomenon and see if you can isolate what's causing it and if it's any threat." He explained.

"Understood," the commander said with a slight nod. "We've fully crewed and finished provisioning, so we're ready to go."

"Excellent. I'll send word to the station to mark you for departure as soon as you're ready. Keep me posted, Commander... we haven't seen anything like this before," Joe said, seriously.

"Yessir," promised Diana as earnestly as she could. She wanted to say that she'd take good care of the ship and the crew but somehow she thought that'd sound horribly green, and she was already feeling like she was somehow messing up.

Joe smiled, "And lighten up, commander. You look like you're about to die," He said with a chuckle. "Stay in touch, Rhimer out." He said, letting the channel close.

Diana grumbled to herself as she picked her coffee back up and strode out to the bridge to tell Melody that they had a mission finally and would be out of the protective skirts of the starbase and on their own posthaste.

Commander Diana Reisz
Commanding Officer
USS Newton


Admiral Joe Rhimer
(NPC West)


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