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The Send Off

Posted on 07/08/2019 @ 12:49pm by Captain Diana Reisz

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: USS Newton, Bridge

Diana was excited. Well, excited and nervous. Maybe excited. nervous and desperately afraid of messing everything up as she stood there on the bridge afraid of messing everything up. She willed her hands not to shake as she balled them up at her side then forced them to relax. She grinned over at her XO, brown eyes warm and hopeful. "Are you ready?"

Mel exhaled slowly, steeling herself, back straight, head held high as she turned her attention to her commanding officer. "Let's blow this pop stand," she said with a grin. "Shame we don't have the champagne to celebrate with!"

The exuberance was infectious. "Why don't you do the honors, madam, and give the orders to take us out."

"And take that away from you? Not a chance," Mel looked toward Diana, shaking her head. "You're the boss, you should be the one ordering this baby out on her maiden voyage." Though, with that, Mel did reach down and press a button on the console next to her chair, opening a ship-wide communications channel. "All hands, prepare for immediate departure." She cast another grin at Diana. "They're waiting on your orders, Captain Reisz."

"Take us clear of the station at 1/4 impulse, Ensign Rutherford." Diana bit her lip as the stars on the viewscreen slowly started to move.

"Clear of the station, sir." Rutherford called back over her shoulder.

"Set a course for the Alpha Quadrant, Gallbride Nebula. Take us to warp." It was so exciting being in the center chair this time and perhaps a little frightening, too, because she'd already thought of 52 things that could go wrong.

"Mel, I need a briefing in two hours for the senior staff to go over what little information we have about the Elliot's 'stripes'. I'll pull together the info if you put out the call." Diana offered as she crossed one leg over the other and tuck both tightly in towards the chair.

"Of course Commander," Mel replied with a nod. "I assume you'll want to meet in the conference room?" With her fingers moving silently across the console next to her, Mel accessed her communications system, waiting for final clarification from Diana before she sent the summons to the senior staff to assemble in the conference room in two hours.

Finally, satisfied that it had been sent, Mel leaned back in her seat, casting a quick glance and a smile at Diana. There was a sense of relief at the fact that they were underway, that they had actually left the starbase and were headed 'somewhere' to do 'something'. Sitting around waiting was never something she had been good at.

"Fantastic. Time to prep that briefing then. The bridge is yours." There was an unspoken 'don't go too stir crazy' as Diana stood. She was still getting to know Carmichael, but she seemed like someone who needed to be doing something actively to be happy. She probably walked decks and shook hands.

Mel nodded, leaning back in her seat, her pose relaxed and calm as she watched Diana walking off the bridge to prepare the briefing. It was only once the doors to the Captain's ready room had been safely closed, Mel leaned forward, elbows resting on her knees, her calmness replaced by a clearly excitable grin. "Alright, lets see what this baby can really do."


Commander Diana Reisz
Commanding Officer
USS Newton


Lieutenant Commander Melody Carmichael
Executive Officer
USS Newton


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