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First Briefing

Posted on 07/16/2019 @ 8:34pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Commander Charles West & Lieutenant Jaxyl Veran & Lieutenant Carson Fleming II & Lieutenant Kestro Ral Son of the Fifth House of Betazed

Mission: Tiger, Tiger

Reisz waited until everyone had arrived and settled in before she started the briefing. That tended to mellow the tension of first briefing jitters. "Morning everyone. Welcome to our first official briefing aboard the Newton. I'd like to say that I have a lot of information to pass your way, but I don't, so let's get a bit creative."

"Our source of information comes from the USS Elliot which was in pursuit of a pirate vessel when it discovered strange stripe-like striations in space that appeared to be leaking matter forth." At a touch of a console holographic projections of the tiger-striped area of space stark against the brightly lit nebula appeared at the center of the conference table.

"Proper reading weren't able to be attained, however, the Elliot said that the stripes seemed to be leaking 'deep space matter'. They gave no further detail as to what that meant. This mystery has now been passed off to us. We'll be there in three days time at current speed. Do you have questions? Comments?" Diana asked, looking at her officers one at a time.

Kestro stared at the projections silently. He was absolutely amazed at the beauty.

"'Deep space matter' is a - shall we say, suspect phrase." Jaxyl piped up, the pair of him seated in two adjacent seats, where he could get a good view of the projections. "My first thought went to dark matter, though the fact that it's visible to the naked eye precludes that conclusion." he added, steepling his fingers, brows furrowed deep in thought. "Though theoretically there could be dark matter alongside visible matter or radiation, I suppose." he concluded, his other bioform speaking now. "Fascinating."

Carson leaned back in his chair, somehow having found the corner, with his cane in-between his legs, his face having an almost 5 o'clock shadow, he'd probably shave it within the next 12 hours. His eyes darted back and forth between the people talking, his lips staying sealed.

"Cap and I were talking about that too," Charlie said, nodding to the scientist. "I've got a sensor drone that I've been working on for the last couple of years. She's been ready for her maiden flight for a while, so we're going to launch her and see what we can see from a safe distance," He explained. "I'm also going to be boosting our shields and sensor yields so we can be sure that we see anything weird happening with enough time to do something about it," He explained.

"I would very much like to see this probe before you launch it if that's alright, Lieutenant." Jaxyl smiled a pair of smiles. "And see it's specifications."

"Count on it, Chief," Charlie said with a grin. "I haven't even had time to unpack it yet, but I was already planning on having you work on it with me. I think you'll like it," He offered, sounding a bit like a proud parent.

Mel remained silent, watching as the others spoke. Sciences weren't her forte, that much was apparent. "Did it just appear? Has there been any other sensor data recorded by other vessels in the area any time recently?" She finally asked.

"It just appeared as far as the Elliot mentioned. Not there when they had crossed the area previously and there when they returned shortly afterward. They were the last vessel in that area of space according to Admiral Rhimer's notes." Riesz was quick to answer.

"What about prior to that? It may be beneficial to take a look at historical data and see if anything like this has been recorded in that area of space previously, or if there have been any other anomalies, just in case." Mel replied with a shrug.

"Good idea..." In the age of supercomputers and lightning fast processing, Diana ran the query in a matter of moments using the PaDD in her hands. "Also of note, our current projects are on board and ready. Remember your codes allow you into department and rank coded projects which can't be headed up without-" she pulled a small velvet box out of her jacket pocket and slid it across the table to Jaxyl. "-without our science head having his proper rank in play. Please congratulate Lieutenant Veran."

Reisz tapped the top of her PaDD with her index finger as she spoke. A nervous habit maybe. She still hadn't sat down since the start of the briefing. "Anyone else have anything else to add? Questions? Comments? Access codes not working? Bring it up now, otherwise we're done here."

Jax reached over for the box, giving two questioning looks. The new rank pips inside though - two, one for each of him - made him smile with pride. "Thank you, Captain." he spoke, pinning his new badge of honor on his collar.


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