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Welcome to the Fleet, Mr. Delbruck

Posted on 06/19/2019 @ 10:09am by Captain Diana Reisz

Mission: Crewing Up
Location: CO's Ready Room

Unsure what to expect, the Marine made his way directly to the Captain's Ready Room. He was hoping for a pleasant experience, clear expectations and some semblance of a lovely chat; however, he prepared for a stream of unclear orders that Joachim would spend the next few months figuring out. Stepping into the lift that would take him to the meeting he allowed his mind to drift slightly, figuring out what an appropriate greeting would be. A few seconds later, quicker than he thought, the doors opened and revealed the bridge. A few steps onto the bridge he paused, looking around. Not heading directly to the ready room, he instead began to wander. Inspecting the various monitors and panels he made mental notes to figure out what all the various controls meant. If he was to serve as an officer on board, he wanted to be sure he had some working knowledge.

The sound of an opening door caught his attention as an officer with three pips on her collar walked out. He immediately straightened up, instinct taking over, "Ma'am, Captain Delbruck reports as ordered."

"Welcome to the Newton Captain Delbruck. I'm Commander Diana Reisz." She offered out a hand to shake and smiled warmly at the man. Diana certainly stood quite a bit shorter than the man and was at best termed as lean, but she radiated confidence. "Odd layout for a bridge, isn't it? I'm still getting used to how narrow it is."

Taking her hand he loosened up a little, returning her smile with a small grin before dropping the shake. She appeared competent, a bit of assurance that his chances of dying in the metal coffin were minimal, "I wouldn't know ma'am, I've never set foot on an active Starfleet Vessel bridge until recently; however, I was expecting something wider."

"The Olympic class bridges are minimalist in design. They're not really made with a battle bridge in mind, so everything is sort of compact. Friendly is a good term, because all elbows are touching. I have to say I was surprised when they told me that they were sending marines along," Diana waved for him to follow her as she stepped towards her ready room. "Then again, I thought about what they'd what we'd be testing and delivering. Once field ready, of course."

“As I understand it, the mission of this vessel is to conduct operations in austere areas with the potential of first contact. Those would be occasions where having a contingent of marines may prove useful,” The idea of setting foot onto freshly discovered soil struck him as exciting. Following her into the ready room was he realized he may have overstepped his bounds as a subordinate, “Depending on your expectations for the detachment of course."

"My expectations?" There hadn't been marines on the last two ships that Diana had served on that utilized marines. In fact, aside from her cadet cruise, she'd never been on a ship with marines, so the typical relationship between fleet and marines to her were just the typical stories that she heard of tense relations and skirmishes. "You mean your expectations. These are your men, sir. We're in this together on equal footing working as cogs in a greater machine. We do this together. I expect to be seeking your counsel on matters which I'd like to rely on the marines."

The response surprised him, a positive development but still surprising nonetheless. While he hadn't expected much latitude he did appreciate it. Now he just needed to make sure not to give her a reason to regret the decision. We may in fact get along, "Understood, we will be at the ready whenever we are needed. May I ask what exactly is the greater machine we'll be a part of?"

"I was meaning the ship as a whole. Sorry if I was a little odd in that simile." Diana chuckled at herself then shook her head. "I'm still working out the grand speech part of the job."

He nodded his head in response, reminding himself he needed to learn to take things less literally, "No need to apologize, I understand the point. I will sometimes over analyze situations I'm unfamiliar with. Is there anything you would like to know about the Corps?"

"Not at this moment. I'll let you know as soon as I have questions. Or we'll have a sit-down and hash out differences in policy really soon. Right now I'm still knee-deep in busy work from crew coming aboard. Soon, though, soon," she promised.

"Until that time ma'am I'll be finding my way around this massive vessel and figuring out my place in the ecosystem," His eyes shifted to the viewport, offering him a view of the vast fleet, "It really is something," Looking back over his shoulder towards his Commander, "Anything else for me ma'am?"

Diana waved for him to head on out. "Nothing more. Enjoy the Newt, captain."

"By your leave ma'am," Joachim nodded to his new boss before heading out, his mind racing with thoughts. This was home now, he needed to accept that.


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