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On the Nature of Darkness

Posted on 08/23/2019 @ 7:12pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Commander Charles West & Lieutenant Jaxyl Veran

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Bridge

The bridge was still lit from the stars outside, casting eerie long shadows across the deck. The others on the bridge had been sent off to rummage for whatever weapons they could find that still worked. All that remained was Carmichael, Reisz, Veran, and West, the latter of which was shoulder deep in a panel next to the weapons locker.

"Almost.. almost got it," He said, before the locker hissed and popped over.

"Awesome," He said, swinging the door open wide and pulling out a hand phaser. He whacked it, hoping for some sign of life, but didn't find one, so he tossed it aside, then pulled out a large, heavy rifle from the side compartment and depressed the priming key. The rifle whined and an LED indicator turned green on top, "Oh baby, thank you," He said, bringing the gun to his mouth to kiss it before tossing it to Carmichael. "Looks like the TR-116s shielding works against whatever this stupid energy field is too," He said. "Thank god for small favors, huh?" He added pulling the other one out and priming it, "Cap, there should be two more in the weapons locker on the other side of the bridge, think you can get 'em?" He asked.

Mel caught the rifle with ease, making sure all safeties were engaged as she 'hovered' nearby. "Now this is a sight for sore eyes," she said with a grin, running one hand lovingly over the weapon.

"I'm on it," Reisz uttered as she headed across the bridge to try her luck with that weapons locker. Sure enough, it yielded twin load-outs, which she brought back with her. "Do one or both of you fight or are you better warning people?" She asked Jaxyl as she set the phaser rifles towards the center of the group. There were four of those and five of them, so someone was logically not going to be loaded for bear.

"Uhm - I passed basic marksmanship and tactics. I can't split - " both bioforms had now found the back of the Captain's chair to cling on to and orient themselves by " - up. I can use a weapon with each of my bodies." He had to concentrate on breathing to keep from panicking. This certainly wasn't what he signed up for, and part of him couldn't help but worry about his love, whom he was certain was panicking now.

Diana passed both weapons to Veran. "I can do the door dash as well as anyone else if you want both. Otherwise, I'll be right with you."

He took both weapons, one a body, and checked them over. Checked the safety, checked the breech, checked the magazine, put the mag back in and charged the rifle. It was almost fascinating how both bodies moved in perfect unison. "Alright. Just to be sure, what's the plan?"

"We have to muster together as best as we can to repel the boarders and regain at least basic ship systems. We haven't all of our usual tools at hand, so we have to fight smarter and try to gain strength in numbers as we move. Even if they aren't joining the fight, they can warn others of the fight." Reisz offered. It was the best plan that came to her mind at least. "Anybody have anything to add to it?"

"We need to be making our way down to engineering. We've probably got about twelve hours of oxygen left, we've got to get --" The ship rocked as the first of the boarding crafts impacted, chunks of hull plating drifting lazily out into space. With the three of them floating, the didn't get effected, but with the absence of ship systems, the impact and screech of metal on metal could be heard several decks up, "We have to move, now," He said, seriously.

Through the massive transparent aluminum view screen, the massive moon ship seemed to fold in on itself and disappear as it dropped into a slipstream to go... who knows where.

Charlies face grew grim in the starlight from the view screen, "They're planning on taking the ship," He said, seriously.

Diana's face was grim in the darkness. "Let's get moving. To engineering it is."

Jaxyl closed his eyes for a moment, both sets, taking a deep breath to steady his nerves. "Why me ... " he quietly whispered, as thoughts went to his wife whom he was sure was absolutely terrified and panicking by now, shivering a bit before opening his eyes and giving Commander Reisz a nod. "I'm - ... as ready as I'll ever be." he offered.

"I think that's the best any of us can do," Charlie replied with a grin. "Stay low, stay still, stay quiet. The darkness works both ways, but we've got the advantage, we know the ship. They don't," He said, heading toward the turbo lift that had already been manually opened a few moments ago, revealing the shaft and the ladder down.

"Hey..." Charlie said, turning back as if he suddenly thought of something, "If the ship is gone... that means the field is gone. That means something about it killed the reactor... The crew in engineering should have the generators back on soon, so stay close to the ground, but we might not be as bad off as I thought," He said, grinning a bit.

"Damn," Mel cursed under her breath. "The disorientation from sudden gravity is going to be a bitch to deal with if we're actively engaged. If you're not used to the sudden change I suggest you tuck, duck and roll and let someone cover for you."

"Good idea. Does that mean that standard phasers would work again, too?" Diana asked, pausing as the group started to move.

"Only one way to find out." Veran offered, the other bioform finishing the thought. "I'll keep hold of these, just to be certain."

Charlie reached into the weapons compartment and checked the phasers there, "Damn... no, they're drained. Field did something crazy," He said, shaking his head and tossing the phaser back in the hatch. "Just keep close to the ground and keep your feet on the rungs, don't float," He said, jumping across the gap to the elevator.


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