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Medical Massacre

Posted on 09/09/2019 @ 8:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Charles West & Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Carson Fleming II

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Hallway outside of Sickbay

As Dr. Carson floated his way along in the darkened halls outside of sickbay he heard the noise of feet scuffing on the wall coming towards him. "We're being boarded!" A breathy young ensign called out to him as she approached. "Prepare as you can or hole up somewhere!"

His hand relaxed off the butt of the holstered revolver, making the uncertain decision that this was probably not an enemy. "What's your name crewman?" He asked, stopping himself and flipping around to face the person. In the dim light he could just barely make out one pip.

"Janesca, Lorei Janesca, sir." The young woman answered.

"Fantastic Janesca, where are you supposed to be? And do you know what the frak is going on right now? I haven't found an 'effing person since I left my damn quarters," Carson grumbled.

"I was stuck on a turbolift until a security officer got me out. He was on the bridge. He sent me to go up the deck warning as many people as I could find. I don't know a lot more than that, sorry." She fidgeted as she spoke nervously. "I've never been through a boarding."

"Good god," he said with irritation. Young people, he thought while rolling his eyes, a motion she probably couldn't see. "Are you armed?"

"No. I'm just spreading the warning," Janesca explained frankly. "If fighting starts, I'm getting out of the way. I know that I'm no good and I should be better. I have to work on that."

"Well I'm going the same direction, so you can tag along until I get to sickbay," He said with some irritation. "None of this damn situation makes any sense." He turned himself and started to float down the corridor again.

Janesca kept pace right behind Carson, knocking on doors and poking her head into labs to relay the message. By the time the ship shuddered with the first impact of the alien vessels a deck or two above them, there was a crew of about five moving along with Carson. A few were even armed.

Slowing to a stop at sickbay, Carson felt at least one impact on the ship. None of this made any sense to him, especially since they weren't anywhere near a war. "Why isn't engineering doing their 'effing job," he mumbled, working at the door to sickbay, after getting it wide enough to fit a person through he looked and the gathered group of people. "Well I guess the unarmed ones can be conscripted to medical for the time being unless you got something better to do."

"We can help out," one of the men answered for all of them. He seemed to have appointed himself the leader of the wayward souls under Carson by charisma alone.

"Great," Carson said with gratitude and irritation. He slid through the door into sickbay. He looked around the space, which was just as dark as everywhere else with the slight glow of emergency striping. However to him, it didn't look any less detailed, he could make out all the equipment. What wasn't attached was currently floating around. "I need anything floating to be put down on something. If you don't know what it is, put likes things with like things. The rest of you, manual locks on all the doors. Sickbay will be locked down, anyone else coming in has to be verified before opening the door. Snap snap."

People started moving as best as they could. Someone found a few chem snap light bars which made it a little easier to see what needed to be done. The ship rocked a few more times during this time, but Carson's little crew of helpers didn't stop. They were young and frightened- they sure chattered enough- but they were trying.

"Shh," one of them hissed suddenly. "I hear something.."

In the hallway beyond the recently locked sickbay doors, there was shouting... a clatter... a hiss... and the a narrow beam of light bright enough to shine around the tracks of the doors.

Then the banging started, and the yelling, "Akla! Ducha! Nevaka merak rah!" A gravelly voice barked.

"Akla! Du!" Another responded.

More banging, the door starting to shudder.

Carson grumbled as he pushed off towards the door that was shuddering. He locked eyes with several people, pointing in them in different directions silently. What chattering had been happening hushed to an eerie silence. Not that whomever on the other side of the door didn't know they were in there. He stopped behind a bio bed, drawing a pistol and bringing the hammer back, hearing two satisfying clicks as it passed half and full cock positions.

The majority of those in sickbay dispersed into secluded areas, hidden behind objects or just inside adjacent rooms. A few who had weapons, some projectile, others fashioned out of medical equipment, took up positions around the door ready to respond to whatever came through. It didn't take long for the door to slide open, movement in the darkness could be seen but nothing distinct.

"Stay out of my sickbay," Carson hissed as his finger slowly depressed on the trigger, eyes watching the movement. In place of the silence a flash of light and echoing crack as the pistol fired off, sulfur filled smoke started to permeate into sickbay. Quickly without thought the hammer cocked back, cylinder rotated, and he waited to see what happened next.

There was a howl unlike anything Carson had ever heard, gutteral and pained, followed by a dull thump and clatter as something truly massive hit the floor. There was screaming and roaring in the unearthly tone and more of the language, angry now. There was another clatter, this time skittering across the room, and then suddenly... blindness. The room light up with the light of a million stars, anyone with their eyes open would have suffered painful in the seconds before their eyes could close. Heat should have followed, but it didn't, just light, unbearable light.

This, unfortunately did not stop their attackers, who seemed to be right at home with the dazzling display. They roared and pushed in, one of the snatching one of the young techs by the door and slamming him into a wall with enough force to break his spine. The young man gurgled, and slumped down, dead or would be soon, floating aimlessly off in the absence of gravity.

Then the fire started, angry blue lances shooting out through the infinite brightness as they roared and cursed, their fellow left on his back floating above the ground, thick brown blood pooling in the air around him in the hallway behind them.

One of the beefier techs tried to tackle one of the interloping aliens, sending both of them spiraling crazily off into the far corner where they threw punches at each other.

The creature didn't seem to care, and pummled back easier, angry splashes of red blood spraying from the formidable man's face as he continue to fight back.

The other pushed forward again, floating toward the source of the shot that killed his companion.

"Inconsiderate fracking pricks," Carson grumbled, louder than he probably should have as he ducked behind the bio bed blinking his eyes quickly trying to adjust to the change in condition. While blinking his eyes he cocked back the hammer of his second pistol, flipping the striker down so it would be ready.

Carson pushed around the other side of the bio bed, cocking his original pistol and leveling it on the further aggressor trying to aim such that a miss would not hit the crewmen entangled. Another puff a smoke and crack, followed quickly by a second using his other hand on the hammer, in hopes that at least one found its mark. His slowly adjusting eyes caught movement above him, and his left hand went quickly to the second pistol. He could feel the alien's breath as he was eye to eye with the last attacker. Both swinging their barrels around, fortunately Carson's being much shorter, he placed the underslung barrel in the face of his enemy and jerked the trigger, unloading a shotgun blast.

The creature lurched and floated away, brown blood globules floating off with him. Across the room, though, the third of them roared in outrage, screaming unknown words as loud as he could and delivering a final punch to the forehead of the man he'd been fighting which left him limp, floating away. The creature spun, and tried to move toward Carson, finally succeeding, but all of them seemed to be struggling with the low gravity situation.

Two clicks of the hammer coming back on his revolver, Carson muttered Five plus one, 9 plus zero, to himself as the creature worked his way towards the Doc. Sulfur lingered in the air, the wisps of smoke from the powder mixing with the blood of alien and crew. He steadied himself on the biobed, glancing about quickly to see some dead, and the rest terrified.

Pointing directly at the alien's face, he steadily applied pressure on the trigger, feeling it move back millimeter by millimeter. Carson didn't see the alien anymore, but the normal target he saw at the range. With a loud click, the gun went off again, the fire emanating from the cylinder and muzzle, followed by a puff of smoke.

"Two teams now, one get the 'effing alien bodies out of my damn sickbay. Other, get every crew member to a bed, we need to save who we can, NOW," He growled cocking the hammer back and waiting to ensure his opponent was dead.

"..On it," was the shaky reply that answered Carson's call. The crewmen started moving in and around the bodies, hauling as carefully as they could their wounded, and as indelicately as they could the aliens. As soon as the job was done, they gathered back in and around the biobeds to see what they could do next.


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