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Posted on 08/29/2019 @ 12:07am by Lieutenant JG Jada Reese

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Operations Offices

Operations was dark, just like the rest of the ship, and just as plagued with weightlessness. It was a hotbed of people scrambling to make something work- anything work- and the catatonic computer to somehow reawaken again.

"Lt. Rai-" A voice called over the mayhem. "I need you to get down to engineering and get me a sitrep, pronto!"

Sar had been using one hand to hold herself to a console, the other to tinker with the innards. In the dark, this posed a significant problem. But somehow, in the loss of artificial gravity, the Lt had been jostled, her toolkit and flashlight banged free. She supposed they were somewhere floating in the room, but where...well....she couldn't begin to guess. Between the dark and the throbbing in her head, she figured she had bigger problems than missing tools.

She tapped her badge. "Lt Rai here. Acknowledged. I'll be there as soon as possible."

Sar didn't bother to cover the console. She didn't figure anyone would want to be in ops anyway, during weightless dark.

Somehow, in her air-swim stumbling toward the door, Sar was nudged her her took kit. Sighing in relief, she donned the kit, pulling out the flashlight to activate it. She swam to the door, surprised to find that even the backup power wasn't working with regards to the doorways. That meant the backup was securing the necessary ship functions only - life support, and not much else. It didn't bode well.

Sar pushed off the corridor walls, projecting herself through the dark. The tube-like halls were eerie, their emptiness reinforcing the dire circumstances. Along the floor the emergency lights flickered, another not-so-promising sign. Sar reached a jeffrey's tube, putting the end of the flashlight in her mouth while she pulled off the cover. Her head tweaked.

She cringed. She wasn't sure what had happened to cause the power outage, but she suspected her foggy mind was a side effect.

It took the Lt less time than she would have thought to reach engineering. Even with reassuring herself by grasping the ladder as she propelled quickly through the air, the Lt found the offshoot to engineering, opening the compartment, and slipping in.

She grasped the lip of the jeffrey's tube, calling out. "Did someone call for ops?"

"No one down here, love," Jada's voice came clear through the darkness. "Comms were down throughout the ship until a few minutes ago. We're trying to get the generators running, and we've only just got flashlights back," She said, almost a laugh in her voice. "Something weird in the tears, I guess. Do you know what else is going on? Sounded like something hit us just a bit ago," She called, trying to make her way over to the woman. The core was devastatingly dark, no thrum, no pulls. Only the dull churn of the backup generators continued to sound.

"No one here? Then who called me to engineering?" she shook her addled mind. "no matter. I was trying to get some boost of power from ops as well, but nothing. I haven't heard of anything hitting us, seems like the most logical course." she cursed herself for not being on the bridge earlier, although the ops officers on duty should have everything under control. "Put me to work. What can I do?"

"We've got to get the generators running again," Jada said, pointing toward the generator room. "Want to help me with that? If we can get them up, we can get artificial gravity back on and get the emergency lights on and *maybe* get this damn warp core working again," She said, not sounding overly confident.

Sar nodded. "Agreed. No matter what's caused this, everything will be easier once we can move around easily." She glanced around. "If I remember right, the generators are split, one in each end of engineering. If so, we should split up. Perhaps one of the generators will be easier than the other."

"Yup," Jada said, pointing, "Primaries are there, secondaries are back here. We'll need both with the warp core down, hopefully we'll--" There was a loud roar from somewhere near, stopping Jada short. "Hell... Go, get those reactors going. Hell if I'm dying in the dark," She said, turning and darting back toward where the secondary reactors were.

Sar nodded to the woman's back and turned toward the doorway Jada had indicated the secondaries were behind...


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