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defense and wounds and a lead gun, oh my!

Posted on 09/08/2019 @ 10:20pm by Lieutenant Carson Fleming II

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Sickbay

Joachim’s squad had been tasked to secure engineering while Shel was to find the command team. The lines of effort seemed the most logical, considering the miniscule team he had been given. He also understood why his Senior NCO had refused to let him find Mel, as over dramatic as it seemed. Given the current situation however that mission would have to be put on hold, lives were immediately at risk.

The new task was to deliver Sar to sickbay, along with the two dead creatures. While he wasn’t going to leave her behind she was too much of a liability to take along on his current objective. Fortunately they were able to avoid any further firefights, the attackers not really focused on the less populated areas of the ship. The truly concerning thing was the lack of knowing what they were truly after. The Marines all had their theories ranging from technology to treasure to fresh meat. Of course, they all kept this to themselves lest they get chastised by the boss.

Joachim was the first to the door, noticing that it had been opened just wide enough for a human. Using hand signals, their eyes having fully adjusted to the dim lighting, he posted two marines at each of the closest intersections. Over the non-verbal disapproval of the squad’s NCO he slipped into the open door first, the blocky rifle sweeping the room as he entered, greeted by the muzzle of an old revolver.

"You an 'effing idiot, death wish, or a combination of both," Carson asked, lowering the hammer of the revolver as he placed it back into the holster. One of the random crew that were following him around appeared out of the shadow to post back at the door, who had heard the commotion earlier and called Carson over.

"Door was too small," Was all Joachim said, jabbing the rifle muzzle into the man's stomach. The implication was that only humanoids could fit through. Waving the others in they brought in the wounded ops officer and the two corpses. Raising his brow he added, "Use fewer words, we need to conserve oxygen."

"Idiots and their preconceived notions on breathing and oxygen use," Carson mumbled to himself, turning and ignoring the muzzle tapping him. "On that bed," he stated as he floated off in another direction to collect some equipment. "What happened?" He asked as he collected what appeared to be antiques.

Sar's let the marines help her to the bed, though she was unsure how she would stay on it. She grasped the edges of it, her features crumpling as pain reverberated through her arm and shoulder. "I was attacked in an engineering alcove by one of their kind. Her eyes remained glazed with pain, though she nodded toward the bodies of the aliens. Doctor," she watched him bring his oddly shaped items toward her. "I need to get back to engineering."

Joachim rolled his eyes as he followed the Ops Officer, "You aren't going anywhere," He looked at the doctor, "She was wandering the corridors, massive lacerations. We've managed to stop the bleeding, at least temporarily," He was concerned about toxins from the creatures but decided to keep quiet, trusting the doctor.

The patient looked down at her lap, her cheeks reddening despite her Vulcan training. "in my defense, I wasn't so much wandering, as drifting through the jeffreys tubes..." she mumbled under her breath.

"What caused the lacerations? Weapons? Corridors? Projectiles?" Carson asked, donning old fashion gloves and setting on his head an optical device to magnify work if needed as well as a light. He flicked the light on, and quickly did a once over of the body. Bleeding, mostly controlled, airway good, respirations adequate for the moment, he mumbled to himself, working through his algorithms as he checked the body, palpating every inch as he did. "And who in the damn hell is on this god damn ship?" He said directly at Joachim, before looking back down at his patient.

Sar sucked in her breath. "A weapon. It looked like a gun, but...." as the doctor got within three inches of the wound, the woman cried out, her body tensing. "The first hit was close, and it looked like a phaser but felt like a knife. Around it got hot and my arm and hand went numb. The second..." she winced as she turned her head, the bump pn the back smarting. "I don't remember much from that, just the captain pulling me out of the tube."

"I was hoping you could tell us," Joachim looked back, watching the marines playing what appeared to be catch with a floating corpse, "All we know is they're aggressive, scales are armored but can be penetrated by high-velocity projectiles," His eyes went to the doctor's sidearm, an inkling of an idea floating, "Do you mind if I test out your revolver? I'm curious what soft lead would do."

"You can play with my gun another day and after you buy me a drink," Carson snarled at him. His hands worked quickly finding the necessary equipment and stuffing it between his patient and bed so it wouldn't float away. "If you want to play doctor and do an autopsy of one of those things with lead in it, there's one in my office. I plan on mounting it's damn head on the wall."

Carson drew up some medication into a syringe and jabbed it into the muscle surrounding the hurt area. "That's numbing agent, rather not knock you out completely." He grabbed a rolled up piece of leather. "This is for you to bite, you won't like the next part." He put it in her mouth before she could say anything. She could spit it out if she wanted, but he didn't want to waste time talking. He took a breath, released it and placed one hand around the wound, and with the other hand put his fingers in to explore the inside of the wound to ensure nothing was still inside, or worse major blood vessels damaged.

Sar's eyes squeezed shut as she screamed into the bit. The doctor's fingers acted on pure training, their probing mechanical in nature as they poked and trailed inside her open wound. After a minute her voice was already hoarse. She took deep inhalations through her nose, her jaw muscles straining on biting down hard. She opened her eyes, blinking back the irrational tears from her logical side, and shut herself up.

The woman tried to focus her mind. She tried to concentrate past the pain and instead on the movement of the doctor, the way he moved and the few facial ticks he possessed. There, his lips quirked. There, an eyelid narrowed. There, his jaw clenched.

Sar blinked twice through her intense focus as the doctor reached with an unbloodied hand to remove the leather from her mouth. If only for a moment, it would be a relief.

With the leather out of her mouth, he went back to finishing with the wound, now that the painful aspect of it was done. With a careful quickness, he packed the wound with infused gauze before securing and covering the wound itself. "It'll hurt like a bitch once the meds wear off, but you should be alright. Once we have power I'll use some fangled technology to properly seal it." Taking off his gloves he rested his hand gently on her arm. "You'll be okay," He said, his normal harshness replaced with a sincere tone. The heartfelt-ness disappeared as quickly as it came, he bundled up his trash, and began replacing his equipment after floating off in another direction.

With that taken care of, and calmed by the tingle of the numbing agent, the ops officer let herself drift upward into a sitting position. She nodded to the doctor. "Thank you."

As she moved aimless across the space, Sar flexed her fingers of her injured side, noting the tightness of the muscles along her arm. She decided it would be best to keep that side immobile for the time being, if possible. But, with the doctor's good medicine, at least she was, for the moment, more or less comfortable.

And with her comfortable, that meant... "I must go to engineering to get the anti-grav activated." she called out to the marines. "If I must go alone then I will." she glanced at the physician. "Doctor, do you have another gun that I can keep on me?"

"You won't be going anywhere alone," Joachim commented, waving over a pair of Marines, "Doctor, I'll leave you a guard if you would like. I'll take a detachment with the Lieutenant since she seems so adamant on getting herself killed and ruining your handiwork."

"Whatever makes your heart feel warm and fuzzy," Carson replied as he floated back over to the group after putting away his supplies. "And more importantly, whatever gets this ship back in order."


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