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Battle in the Corridors

Posted on 09/19/2019 @ 9:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Charles West & Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Jaxyl Veran

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Corridors and Jefferies Tubes leading to Main Engineering

The five of them had made there way in silence down shafts and through Jefferies tubes, getting slowly closer to main engineering where hopefully they could do something about not having power. Emergency lights were flickering, and they'd heard some odd static over their commbadges a couple of times, so they were definitely working on getting emergency power restored. Some where in the back of Charlie's mind, that made things just a little bit more bearable. Still utterly terrifying, but bearable.

Suddenly, he stopped and held up a hand. Scuttling and scraping could be heard just around the next bend, and a few low, gravelly voices.

"Sh'k n'arlis con. Com'gah ah'kus," One voice said, quietly.

"To'mchu ackla, n'v cha," The other replied, it's tone sounding strained.

"Cha'k. Cha'k nif ash," The other replied. "Nok. Nik," He said.

"Back, back," Charlie hissed as low as he could, hearing footsteps approaching now from where he'd heard the voices.

The dark was their only friend, shrouding them from the creatures that were approaching.

The twin forms of Jaxyl Veran halted as indicated, making themselves as thin as possible against opposing walls of the corridor they were in. Their eyes were wide, hearts pounding, adrenaline coursing through his veins. If he were to give himself a moment to think he would likely succumb to the panic threatening his consciousness, but focusing on the situation at hand kept him in said situation.

Diana backed up and flattened against the wall. Her thoughts went briefly to her niece and how upset the girl had to be, but quickly spiraled back to the here and now. Their plan was to take on the boarders.. apparently, they'd be doing that rather quickly.

The grumbling and talking low continued, louder and louder, until the forms turned the corner. The two of them, side by side, took up most of the corridor, their forms were impressive, naturally armored, and imposing. Charlie raised a finger to his lips... something about the way they were peering down the corridor told him they couldn't quite see.

"D'shna, ku'vahk," One of them said, nodding down the corridor.

"Akla," The other replied, reaching into his belt and pulling out a small disk and tossing it down the corridor.

It landed right in front of Charlie, "Shit..."

Suddenly, the corridor was bathed in blinding light, and Charlie cried out. He wanted to fire wildly toward the creatures that were invading their ship, but he knew that his companions were between him and the attackers. He staggered backward, trying to get out of the line of fire, but utterly blind.

Panic threatening to overtake him, the effect of the flashbang impacting him double, Veran squeaked and let out a burst of fire in the general direction of the gruff voices, even as he staggered backwards, though in a less controlled manner than Charlie.

Reisz uttered a few unseemly words at the sudden brightness in the hallway and threw an arm up to partially shade her eyes. Being in the rear helped a little- only so much as there was no one behind her to blindly fire and possibly hit her. The ones in front of her weren't so lucky.

Kicking off a wall, she skimmed the wall to Charlie who was wincing terribly and pulled him back a few steps, her free arm covering his face from the brightness. "I've got you," she told him, using the wall to push them back.

Charlie grabbed at her arm with one hand, clutching at his eyes with the other, "I can't see... fuck, I can't see!" He said, urgently.

Meanwhile, Veran's went wild, but a few held true to their marks, dinging off the monsters armor and a few drawing thick, brown blood from their veins.

They screeched out and returned fire, blue lances cutting through the brightness.

The strange, otherworldly scene of sparkling artifacts from panicking visual nerves triggering as they fought to regain a semblance of control after that flashbang along with the eerie, bright blue lances of the invader's photon based weapons, almost in slow motion because of the adrenaline, was cut short by a pained shriek, as one of those lances found a home. It didn't come from the right, nor from the left, but both forms of Veran shrieked simultaneously, an inhuman exclamation of pain, in stereo, followed by the thud of one form falling to the ground.

"Veran! Veran!" Charlie called, still clawing at Reisz's arm, "What's happening? I can't see!" He yelled.

"Aargh. Hit in the - .. leg. I'm alive. I'll - " and the voice from the other side took over. " - live. But crippled. Ow. Could - aaugh .. use some support." Did both forms get hit? Both sounded like they were in pain.

"I need your weapon Charlie," Reisz explained as she tucked the wounded man up beside her and took his weapon. "Fall back, Veran!" Diana ordered as she started returning fire. "Carmichael.. if you can't return fire, help get Veran back!"

The injured Veran helped to his feet, stumbling and leaning on Diana, letting her take his weapon. Veran's other form followed behind, positioning himself between them and the attackers, letting out another unaimed supressive burst of fire. Fortunately only one of Veran's two forms was injured, though both had felt it. "I'm ok. Go." spoke the uninjured bioform.

Everything had happened with alarming speed. No sooner had Mel started to regain even the tiniest bit of recovery from the flashbang, the alien weapons started firing, the startlingly bright lights bathing the corridor around them. The lack of gravity made it difficult to maneuver easily to avoid the line of fire. Holding the rifle awkwardly, Mel narrowed her eyes, aiming her weapon in the direction of the aliens, trying to clear her vision enough to see at least something that might help. Finally, deciding to go more based on sounds than sights, she closed her eyes for a moment, listening to what was going on. She could hear the sound of movements of Diana, Charlie and Veran behind her and she knew the aliens were still ahead. Squeezing the trigger slowly, she steadied her hold on the rifle before pulling the trigger all the way in, firing the weapon almost blindly in the direction of the aliens. "Veran," she called, pushing herself backward before firing again.

"Leg. Busted. Aaugh." Veran's voice came back. Vision slowly came back, showing one Veran giving covering fire with his weapon, the other supported by Diana, with his leg injured, a photonic weapon had hit his thigh, ripping through the tissue, rending the muscles, but searing closed the wound preventing it from bleeding much.

Abruptly, Charlie yanked away from Diana and thrust himself toward he floor and the bottom of the wall. He quickly felt along until he reached an etched section of it, an ran his fingers over the indents as Mel continued to fire... Eight... four... thirteen, "Deck eight, corridor four, section thirteen!" He called back, "We're two crossings away from engineering. Fuck sickbay, let's get to engineering. Doc can fix up my eyes once we get power back!" He said, shoving off the floor and turning around mid-air, moving away from where the aliens were starting to return fire. "Let's go! Hurry before they regroup!" He called.

"Go," Diana waved for the others to go by her. "I'll bring up the rear. "Go."


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