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What are the chances?

Posted on 09/19/2019 @ 11:29am by Lieutenant Vincent Kramer

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Approaching USS Newton’s location
Timeline: After Newton looses power


Stars streaked past the viewport as Vince took a sip of his lemonade. He took a bite of his sandwich as his mind drifted as he had done several times in the last couple days.

Three days ago Lt. Kramer had been given new orders to report for duty aboard the Science vessel the USS Newton. He had quickly gathered up his personal belongings, said his good-byes, and loaded everything into this shuttle, the SS Starfire. It is a private shuttlecraft that he had recently been presented. It was state of the art and a bit too luxurious for his own tastes, but he wasn’t going to say, no, to this stylish 6 passenger craft. It is a Warp 4 capable shuttle. The two warp nacelles normally lie upon the upper sides of the shuttle. When needed for warp speed, they are then extended up and out, away from the shuttle.

After Kramer had confirmed where to find the Newton and headed off, he began to do a little research on the Newton. It was an Olympic Class Starship. Originally designed, like the Pasteur to be a Medical frigate. At some point Starfleet decided they needed a science vessel, and use all that extra space on board for labs to do investigational work. An Olympic Class vessel was selected, remodeled, and rechristen the .

Kramer had made contact with the Newton about 8 hours previously to confirm their location, but had not been able to raise them recently. He decided to come out of warp at a distance, just to make sure he Space and time to react if there was some issue. Vince knew to be cautious with unknown situations.

Kramer turned around in the pilot’s seat and looked about the shuttle once more. He still couldn’t believe his luck at receiving this shuttle as a present. It might be considered a corporate launch and didn’t belong in Starfleet, but it was his. And that’s all that mattered to him. There was seating for the pilot and co-pilot, then 4 large plush seats and lots of legroom. It had all the amenities from food replicator, toilet facilities, spacesuit storage, and its own pressure hatch, if they wanted to go on a little space walk.

A chime rang out and Vince turned about in his seat to check the sensor readings. He was approaching the last know coordinates of the Newton. He brought the craft back to sub-light speed and warp nacelles retracted to be next to the upper sides of the hull. Vince looked out the viewport and amazed at what lay before him. At a good distance away Kramer saw what he believed to be the Newton, very small from this distance, then on the far side was some kind of space anomaly. But even more surprising was some kind of massive vessel between the two. It was totally alien to him and caused a chill to run down his spine.

Kramer altered part of the console to provide sensor data. He scratched his head, trying to coordinate all the information on the display. The information was providing details like distance, power level, radiation, etc. It appeared that the Newton was currently without power, slightly listing, and no running lights nor light from any of the ship’s windows. He, of course couldn’t see this with his own eyes, but was quickly approaching. Thinking quickly, Vincent began to shutdown all non-essential power systems on board. If they knocked out the Newton, then he certainly didn’t want to appear with power either.

Adjusting the sensors onto the massive vessel. Vince really couldn’t believe the enormity of this thing. It was the size of a small moon. Encircling the center were what seemed to be viewports where light was shining out from thousands of windows. On the top of the massive sphere shape was a kind of a hat, possibly a command section. Getting closer Kramer was now able to observe extremely long towers of some kind extending up and out from the station. They could be communications arrays or energy weapons of some kind. But there was no way to confirm that until they were activated. In a way, he really didn’t want that to happen either. This was like nothing that Kramer had ever seen before, from any of the known species in the Alpha, Beta, nor Gamma quadrant. At least not to his knowledge. This craft or station or whatever it was must contain hundreds of decks.

Vince began to consider what to do next. What were the priorities? How could he help the crew of the Newton without sacrificing himself. He knew the first thing he had to do was report the situation to Starfleet. He was about to open a channel, but then pulled his arm back. He calculated that as soon as he sent a signal, he would probably be targeted, and end up like the Newton. He recalled that the Starfire had two distress buoys. These were more like micro torpedoes that could travel at warp speed. He quickly downloaded all known data into the probe. He programmed it to be released with limited power, so it would drift away from the his shuttle first, before it took off and went to warp speed.

Vince knew he would have to be ready at a moment’s notice to reengage power. He just didn’t know how he could accomplish this against such a massive vessel.

Sensors soon picked up 4 new indicators. The details made Kramer think that these were missiles of some kind, but the data coming in confirmed that they were small vessels. They appeared to be sleek in design and telemetry confirmed that they were heading directly toward the Newton. Vince considered the tactical situation for a moment. He thought that these vessels were most likely to attack the Newton or at least board her.

Vince felt overwhelmed and underpowered. He might be able to bring some weapons to bare against these 4, but not while the massive ship lay in wait. But then it happened. So very unexpected. The massive ship turned and moved back toward the anomaly. His mind began to quickly calculate the odds; the abilities and firepower of his shuttle; the unknown factors of the 4 remaining ships, which were getting closer with every passing moment. More questions plagued him. Could he bring the shuttle power back up in time and fly to the Newton, before the interceptors arrived? Did it even have the firepower to damage one of those small craft?


LTjg Vincent Kramer
USS Newton (If it survives)


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