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This is going to be tricky

Posted on 09/20/2019 @ 12:23am by Lieutenant Vincent Kramer

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Near the USS Newton
Timeline: After the massive ship moves away


Vincent had his shuttle powered down. To help the Newton, he was going to need to do several things at once, or at least very quickly after one another. He began to time it out in his head; return power to the shuttle, activate the warp nacelles, make a micro jump to position his shuttle just behind the oncoming 4 vessels, increase power to shields, and activate the phasers. If there was any delay in this plan, it would be catastrophic.

Instantly doubt attacked his thoughts and feelings. Did he even know that someone was alive aboard the Newton? Did he have a plan B for escape if things didn’t turn out? Vincent Nathaniel Kramer closed his eyes and cleared his mind. He wasn’t going to go into this with any negative thoughts, or he knew it would fail.

With eyes wide open and a confident demeanor across his face, Lt. Kramer brought the SS Starfire to full power and activated the warp nacelles to move up into place, extending up and out from the hull. This gave him 3 seconds for the computer to calculate the micro-jump. Just before activating the warp-jump, he hesitated recalling something about a similar maneuver many years ago by a Captain. “Oh. The Picard maneuver!” He stated boldly then activated the warp drive.

The stars seemed to stretch, but not really. As he confirmed his new position, Vincent flipped the ship, bringing the nose around to the side. He powered up the Phaser array and the wing elements cradled on the lower half of the shuttle angled up and out so that the shuttle now looked like it had wings. The Phaser Arrays we’re positioned at the ends of each curved wing. With the 4 vessels above and forward of him now, he activated the impulse engines and fired phasers at the closest vessel. It was a direct strike to the rear of that ship. It was as if they had not seen it coming.

The 4 vessels broke their formation. The one that had been struck turned away, while the next closest turned directly toward the Starfire , while the other two continued on toward the Newton, but on different tracts.

Vincent fired phasers at the vessel approaching him, but shields seems to block or absorb the energy. After making a few quick alterations in course, Kramer went to full impulse after the two vessels headed to the Starship. Phasers were fired again at the closest of the two, and that strike did cause some damage, confirmed by the debris tossed off into space. Just as Vincent altered course, his shuttle was struck from behind, bringing his shields to 20%.

“Wow!” Vincent exclaimed as he began to move the shuttle about irraticcally. “I’m not going to survive out here very long.”

With the 4 vessels regrouping, Kramer brought all remaining power to the rear shields and headed for the Newton. Somehow he had gotten ahead of the 4 vessels. But not by much. Activating the Comm, “USS Newton, this is Lieutenant Vincent Kramer. I am aboard the small shuttle approaching you. If you can hear me, please do not fire. I am going to attempt to land in your shuttle bay.” He waited, but there was no response.

Energy weapons struck his shuttle again, hitting one wing this time. Correcting his course, Vincent confirmed that the Port Phaser array was down, but the right was active and more importantly tracking was still active. He returned fire at that closest ship.

After thinking through a couple possibilities, Vince said to himself, “This is insane, but just might work.” He was able to stay ahead of the other vessels, but only his maneuvering kept them from striking the shuttle again. Vincent brought the shuttle toward the open shuttle bay of the Newton. He could tell that power was still out.

After confirming that the warp nacelles were retracted and locked down, just 500 meters out, Kramer cut power to the impulse engines, used thrusters to spin the craft around, so it was now drifting backwards, at a very high rate of speed. With that enemy vessel in front of him, Kramer fired once more directly at it, causing a flare of some kind on that vessel. It then veered off.

At 100 meters, the shuttle went to full impulse to slow its relative velocity. He activated the landing gear and the magnetic locks. The shuttle smacked itself to the deck and began to slide across the shuttle bay toward the forward bulkhead. Vincent was able to use the thrusters to keep the shuttle straight as it slowed and came to a stoop just inches from a wall. Engines were shut down, but he kept up the shields and stayed ready with the Phaser. He saw a ship or two fly past the open bay doorway, but nothing long enough to get a target lock. He thought about moving the shuttle forward toward the open doorway, but that risked him being fired upon, and he knew the shields would not hold up to another direct hit.

Vincent looked over at the Comm. He had not received any reply, from anyone, of any kind. He knew he couldn’t wait here. He activated the Comm once more, “This is Lieutenant Kramer. I have landed my shuttle in your shuttle bay. Can anyone hear me?” He wasn’t sure why he was wasting his time. They had to have had some catastrophic energy sucking ‘thing’ happen to them to cut the power for so long.

There was no reply. Vincent knew that this really wasn't good and he needed to get in there and help them. He down loaded all the data collected about the massive vessel and the 4 smaller ones onto a PADD. With the small shakes he was feeling, no doubt through the vibration of the deck, the other vessels out there were firing upon the Newton and it was very possible that they would be boarding her very soon, if not already.

Vincent made his way to the rear of the shuttle and quickly slipped into one of the pressure suits. He found that there were two type II phasers in the locker and attached them to his suit. He secured the gloves at the wrist collars and finally the helmet. With PADD in hand, Kramer cycled the air out of the rear section and opened the door of the shuttle. If he recalled the Olympic class ship layout, there were pressure doors with a lock to pass through at the forward section of the bay, very close to him.

He stepped off of the shuttle and quickly found himself tumbling, because he had forgotten that the grav-plating on the Newton was not working. With the minimal control jets in the wrist collars, he slowly made it to the deck where he activated the magnetic boots. With that done he walked forward toward the lock.

Power was of course out, but this system did have a manual open and close system. He couldn’t save the atmosphere in the lock, but he wouldn’t be wasting much. He moved inside and manually closed the outer door. Turning to the inside hatch he equalized the pressure. Once completed he manually opened the inner door.

Vincent decided to keep his suit intact for the moment. The boots would definately help. So with Phaser in hand, Lt. Kramer entered the ship. He could hear screams, calls for help, and instructions given. He was relieved and thought, Good. At least someone is alive.

He knew he was close to Engineering, though several decks down from where he currently was standing. And ‘standing’ was the operative word, fore all the other crew members he saw were drifting about in zero-G; some doing quite well by their training, others not so well.

Kramer found an access ladder and began to make his way down to Engineering.


LTjg Vincent Kramer
USS Newton


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