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Turn This Bucket of Bolts On!

Posted on 10/12/2019 @ 9:47pm by Lieutenant Commander Charles West & Lieutenant JG Jada Reese & Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Jaxyl Veran

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Main Engineering


The roar of the plasma fire from the invaders ripped through the din of voices in Main Engineering as the door was wrenched open from the outside. The crew all turned their heads to see the CO, XO, Chief Engineer, and Chief Science officer shove through before Charlie deftly floated down to the emergency lock clamp and jerked it down, causing the door to snap shut, bathing them in darkness and dampening the sound. Moments later, an angry banging on the door began.

"Sir rep, NOW!" He called floating through the space, not bumping into anything. "Who's armed?"

"A Few of us grabbed the TR-116s. The Phasers wouldn't work for a bit... I think some of the others have phasers recharged from the portable battery packs now," One of the crewmen offered.

"Good, very good," Charlie called.

Jada peaked up from where she was holed away with Sar Rai, "Chief, can I get you to look at something?" She called.

"I can't see, Jada," He called back to her. "They hit us with some sort of flash bang and my eyes are screwed. You're in charge for the time being," He said.

"Oh," Jada said, gravely. "I understand, sir. Whatever killed the ships power also stopped the M/AM reaction in the core. We're just about the reinitialize it, but it's still going to take a bit for us to get full power back," She explained.

"What'll we have to start?" He asked.

"Life support will take the first priority, then we'll have general power, then shields and force fields, then weapons," She explained.

"That sounds good to me," Charlie said, looking blindly over his shoulder at where he assumed his teammates were, "Bossladies? Veran? Any ideas to the contrary?" He asked.

"I ... need ... some medical attention." came the pained, struggling voice from Veran. Which of the two bioforms had spoken, the injured or the non-injured, there was no telling. It seemed both felt the pain from one injury.

"Cap, can you patch him up?" Charlie asked, looking in the general direction of where he thought his CO was standing. "I'm probably not the best bet," He said, chuckling wryly.

"I can do the basics.." Reisz said, crouching down next to Veran. "We'll get you to sickbay as soon as we can, I promise you. Let me see your leg and I'll go scrounge up a medkit."

Although a chunk of muscle tissue was missing, it was mostly still just a flesh wound. Extremely painful, but not outright dangerous. Bleeding was manageable, a lot less than a wound of that size should, courtesy of the heat from the weapon having singed shut some of the tissue. "Bandage ... Painkiller ... Should keep me - ow - going until ... I can get to ... sickbay. Ow."

It looked awful, but it could have been worse. Diana met one of the pair's eyes, gave a reassuring wink, and nodded. "I'll be right back with a medkit. You hold on tight- and put pressure on that wound." She walked away carefully towards where the chief engineer's office was, just as offkilter in the dark as everyone else was. The strip of bioluminescent wall mounting offered a little light, but barely enough to fill the office. Now came the search.

The uninjured Veran took his jacket off, handing it over to the injured bioform, who pressed it to the injury, wincing as he did. The two halves of the whole that was Jaxyl Veran took great care not to touch one another, sharing the pain as they tried to hold position, waiting.

"Okay," Charlie called, "Reisz has you... Bosslady, help out there," He said to Carmichael, assuming he was looking in the right direction.

"Jada, how can I help?" Charlie asked, trying to ignore the thumping on the doors behind him.

"You? Uhm... Can you monitor the output from the reactor chamber. The pool table is online with aux power right now," She explained.

Charlie nodded and shoved himself over to the pool table, "Computer, vision impaired status," He said. It sounded on to hear the affirmative chime coming only through the pool table, and how small and tinny the computers voice was in replying.

"I'm ready," He called back to Jada.

"Okay!" She called, "Starting reaction... now," Jada said, her voice smooth and silky in the darkness.

At the base of the warp core, a dim blue light appeared.

"Warp Core output at .03%. Rising at optimal intensity," The computer chimed to Charlie.

"Looking good, Jada!" He called.

"Increasing the M/AM yield. Stand by," Jada replied.

"Warp Core output at 15.9%. Rising at high intensity," The computer updated.

"Okay, hold there," Charlie replied, looking up nervously at the door. "We'll have to get to 90% output before we can get life support back online," He said.

"Warp Core output at 30%," The Computer updated.

"The reaction is almost self-sustaining," Jada called, frantically racing over her console with her hands. "In just a few moments we'll be good..."

"Warp Core output at 50%," The Computer said.

Charlie looked back over at the warp core, hoping he could make out the light or something... but he couldn't. The rest of the people in engineering could see it dimly pulsing, almost looking right.

"Self sustaining reaction achieved," She said. "Emergency systems are rebooting," She called.

"Warp Core output at 86%," The Computer said.

"C'mon, baby," Charlie said, closing his eyes tight.

"Warp Core output at 90%," The computer said.

Charlie felt himself lowering slowly toward the ground and he adjusted his feet so they'd be under him, "Nice." He said, grinning.

Jada called out, "Emergency power is coming online. Artificial gravity is at .5 Gs and climbing," She called, happily. Already she could feel the cool breeze of the air circulators kicking back on.

Diana's hand closed around the medkit almost at the same time as the first flicker of emergency lights bathed the room in a dull red. "Gotcha!" she exclaimed as pushed back towards main engineering in a rather graceful series of bounds.

"Good job, guys!" Diana called out as she hunched next to Veran and began tearing through the medkit. She steri sprayed the wound thoroughly- giving him a sympathetic look as she did so- before covering the wound in a quick clot foam and wrapping it in up. That would have to do until they got him to sickbay.

"Thank you." Jaxyl spoke quietly, though which form had said the words wasn't quite clear. Half gravity helped him to be able to stand on his feet, though strongly favoring the leg that hadn't been hurt. He was a bit unsteady though and elected to sit back down again. "I'm sorry, for getting hit. I'm useless to - " spoke one, the other taking over seamlessly " - you now. Sorry I'm not stronger."

"That's not true," the captain was quick to counter. "You're terribly important and I won't hear anything counter to that. You're hurt and you'll heal. Don't fret the rest right now."

Their pursuers were banging on the door now as Jada called out, "Get set for full gravity."

As all of their feet hit the ground, there was a loud screaming and a a ruckus thump from out in the hallway. Another bout of screaming and the pounding started again.

"Alright, guys," Charlie said, finding his feet under him again, "Now all we have to do is figure out what to do with them..." He said, as the loud banging on the door echoed through Engineering.


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