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Green on Black

Posted on 10/19/2019 @ 10:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Charles West & Lieutenant JG Jada Reese & 1st Lieutenant David Richmond & Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Jaxyl Veran & Sergeant Nathan Randall

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Corridors

The four men made their way quietly down the hallway, floating a foot or so above the ground and using the edges of the bulkheads to push themselves forward. 1st Lt. Dave Richmond was far too happy to have taken the Zero G training as he took the lead. He slowed himself at a corner and held up a fist for the men with him to stop, before slipping his head past the corner to take a look, then ducked back in. He looked over his shoulder at his second, Sergeant Randall, and grimaced, "Found some," He whispered. I count three, hard to tell in the dark, but they're beyond the curvature of the ship now... But they're between us and Engineering," He said. "What do you think? Definitely not dealing with friendlies at this point," He offered.

Randall closed his eyes for a moment, picturing the layout ahead of them. It wouldn't be a lot of cover, but they were still operating with the element of surprise. He could think of only a couple nooks that a couple of them could get some cover. "They were nice enough to visit, I think we should be good hosts and give them a good time," He replied gently patting his TR-116 and opening his eyes.

"Terrible hosts," Richmond said, grinning, "Forward," He said, motioning for his men to fall in behind him.

The four of them went floating along the hallway, quietly. They could hear the creatures around the corner from them, barking and clacking at each other in their foreign tongue, obviously annoyed at something. Richmond slowed himself as he approached the wall and peaked around a corner, then pushed back. He looked back at his men, and held up three fingers, then made his fingers walk in mid air, then motioned that they were moving away from them. He held a finger up to his lips, then a fist in the air to hold. He turned back to the corner and grabbed onto the wall, ready to shove into the firing line. He held up three fingers... two... then one...

Just as he was about to shove off, the hallway lit up. Somewhere from around the next corner he could hear yelling and then gun fire. The hallways was insanely bright, brighter than even if the ship lights were on. He didn't know what it was, but he assumed a flash grenade of some sort. He held up a fist again, trying to get a handle on what was going on. He could hear yelling over the fire fight, but couldn't make out words, only that it was definitely Federation Standard. Peaking around the corner, he saw that only one of the creatures was in the hallway now, floating lifelessly in mid air, purple blood floating all around him. The fire fight was continuing in the hallway, so he had to assume that the other two were advancing that way.

He turned back to his crew and motioned for them to follow, then darted around the corner.

Following in line behind Richmond, Randall whispered into his ear loud enough as they darted around the corner, "Gotta be careful, friendlies won't know we are down range of their shooting." His gun instantly trained on the body, but recognizing it wasn't a threat, moved his sights back towards the direction of the firefight.

They stopped at the next junction and listened for a moment, "Dammit... They're being pursued," He said. "Push forward, don't let those things get them cornered," Richmond said, shoving around the corner. His tac goggles dimmed as he approached the slowly dimming disc in the middle of the hallway. He ignored it, but made a note to tell security it was there so it could be analyzed. He stopped and held up a fist again, the gunfire was louder now, phasers and whatever the assailants were using filling the hallway.

"We're close," He hissed back over his shoulder.

Nathan tapped Richmond's shoulder twice and pointed past him and to the left. With a couple quick breaths he pushed out with another marine around the corner that was giving them cover. The firefight was within view. He had trouble making out the number of assailants but focused in on the closest. Without thought the rifle leveled at the target, the butt against his shoulder, the sight in front of his eyes. With a quick squeeze several shots rang out.

Richmond followed out next, just in time to see the crew the intruders were chasing duck into Engineering. One of the intruders started banging on the door, but the other turned to shoot back at them. "Fleeters are clear!" He yelled, before giving Nathan a shove into the adjacent hallway as two of the blue lances can a bit too close for comfort. The shove pushed him back into the man behind him.

He was about to push back out when something shifted. The lights came up, just a bit and suddenly, he was moving toward the floor, "Gravity!" He called, "Hold position!"

there was a clamor in the hallway beyond as the lights continued to grow, and suddenly his boots were hard on the ground. The thumps and annoyed grunts and screeches made it clear that the invaders hadn't been quite ready to have gravity restored just yet.

Nathan gripped the corner of the corridor to keep himself from floating down it. He saw the blue lances fly by, happy that they hadn't landed on their mark. He quickly reoriented himself and landed on the ground almost gracefully. A quick head to toe check of his equipment found everything settled properly with the ensuing gravity. He looked around as the rest of the team reoriented themselves as well. "We've got the upper hand, try to capture one?" Nathan asked Richmond as he pressed against the wall, ready to pop out again.

"Capture or kill, I'm not too picky," Richmond replied, running around the corner and firing off a flurry of shots at the creatures trying to get up off of the floor.

Following quickly, Nathan raised his weapon to his shoulder and fired off a few rounds behind Richmond. He watched as some tried to get up off the floor, but slumped quickly. "Gravity really messed them up."

"Yeah," Richmond said, grinning tightly as he advanced, "No movement... targets appear down," He said, toeing one of the bodies. "Yeah... we got 'em," He said, noticing the pool of purple blood on the floor around them.

Meanwhile, in engineering, everyone had fallen silent at the sound of the blaster fire.

"Anyone with eyes want to tell me what's going on?" Charlie asked, nervously.

"Door's closed, boss. We can't see either..." Jada replied.

Without warning, there was a hiss and four marines came marching in, "Targets are neutralized, everyone here okay?" The one in the lead asked.

"We've got wounded," Reisz was quick to answer. "Do you know if it's clear to sickbay?"

"Unknown, but me and the boys can get you there," Richmond replied. "Are we fully operational again?" He asked.

"Not yet," Charlie replied. "Still working on it, but we're getting there. Reactor is back online, life support, grav, and lights are on," He explained.

"Comm grid just came back online," Jada called, looking over her readouts.

Richmond wasted no time tapping his commbadge, "Richmond to Bravo Company, we're still running blind. I want you to break up in teams of five and do deck by deck sweeps of the ship until you're one hundred percent sure that the boarding parties have been handled," He said.

Several affirmatives were heard, and then he killed the line, "We'll get you to sick bay, ma'am. Everything handled down here?" He asked.

"Yes," Jada replied before Charlie could. "I'm handling everything here, just get the Chief up to Sickbay so he can get his eyes looked at," She said.

Charlie started to protest, but then looked back at her and smiled, "Thanks, Jada..."

"If its all the same, I would very much like to check - " Veran started with the healthy bioform, the injured one taking over without missing a beat. " - in on my wife. She's - ... special needs, and likely in great panic. If that's ok."

"You sure about that?" Richmond asked, looking down at the second form's leg. "You look pretty beat up," He said.

"The first aid will hold and an additional ten minutes won't - " another focus shift, somewhat jarring for people who weren't used to it. " - kill me. Yes, I'm quite sure. I can find my own way if necessary but wouldn't say no to a marine escort."

Richmond turned back to Randall, an unsure look on his face, "I'd be more than happy to go check on her for you, sir. Give you a chance to get taken care of before you risk any further injury," He said.

Veran stood up, both of him, a serious expression on his faces. "No. She's special needs, and probably in a deep state of - " one started, the other taking over smoothly " - panic. Either let me go, escort me there, or forcibly take me to sickbay, instead of arguing with me." The next word spoken by both forms, simultaneously. "Please."

Richmond nodded, "Randall, take the Chief to Sickbay, I'll get the Lieutenant here back to his wife, then get him there. Take Michaels and McDowell with you," He said.

Two sets of shoulders slumped in relief as the science chief deflated. "Thank you." one of him offered, as both started towards the door, the injured one moving slowly in a limp, and oddly enough, the uninjured half doing nothing to physically help him.

"Thank you," Reisz sighed. "We'll finish getting the ship back on her feet, then get back to the bridge."

"Aye, Commander," Richmond said, "Move out!" He called.


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