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Posted on 11/11/2019 @ 7:33pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Carson Fleming II

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Sickbay

With the attack over and all of the boarders quelled, sickbay was a hotbed of activity. First because of its own dead and dying lying on the floor within, then with how quickly wounded began funneling into sickbay. They came in on the arms of good samaritans and hobbling on their own. Laser burns and wicked lacerations.

The first of which came combined on the form of Sandy Sherman- a technician from Ops with a gash in her arm from wrist to elbow straight to the bone. Her face was black on the left where the skin wasn't peeling up in fine white ash away from the laser burn.

Carson's hobbling form somehow almost looked smooth as it moved from around his minions, some medical staff, and some acquired in the prior fights. Around his waist his pistols were still slung, the ancient technology almost clashing with the modern. "Put that one," Carson said pointing at Sandy while instructing a nurse, "On that bed. You," He snapped grabbing a person's arm. "Go help." He hobbled off in another direction while the nurse and aide settled Sandy down on the bed. It was obvious the aide didn't know what he was doing by the simplistic instructions the nurse gave to the aide while he stopped anymore bleeding from the arm while the nurse inspected Sandy's face and airway.

Sandy was breathing. Her eyes rolled time and time again as she danced along the line of consciousness. She wasn't with it enough to flinch away from touch, but she was enough to moan at her arm being prodded and positioned.

Carson returned a moment later to see the arm crudely bandaged but at least not bleeding, and an airway that was at least partially patent. "What's her name?" He snapped at the nurse, which got him a reply of Sherman. Carson looked directly into Sandy's eyes, "Sherman, you're in bad shape, but you're going to survive. I need you to hang on," He said grabbing a hypospray and injecting her with the first of many medications. "Nurse, we need pressers immediately, stabilize the pressure. I want airway equipment," He looked at the aide. "In that damn drawer there, go!" He snapped while pointing a drawer. The other ran off quickly to try and find it.

The aide grabbed a handful of the kits that were in the drawer and returned them to Carson with a stricken look on his face. He was taken aback by all of the blood, but still there, holding down the need to bolt.

Carson took the the kit he wanted out of the mess and opened it next to Sandy's head. He ordered several medications to be given by the nurse, who lined them up and gave them medication by medication as she got fluids into the patient as well. Carson looked down into her mouth checking the extent of burns inside the airway. With the sedatives given she shouldn't feel anything as he poked and prodded, using regenerators and plasma scalpels to remove damaged tissue and replace it with new. "Your face will have to wait for another time," He said to the sedated patient, who sometimes could hear through the sedatives. "But we'll make it right again, I just need to keep your lungs doing their job for now."

"Doctor Carson!" another nurse called as a man was carried in by two of his comrades. He was sporting a great bloody rend down the center of his chest.

A string of curses were muttered under his breath as he handed over the care of the patient to the nurse, grabbed his cane, and began the quick step to the next bed. "Put him down," He said indicating to the bed, "Carefully you damn knuckleheads! He's not a sack of potatoes," He finished the statement with more uttering under his breath.

Leaning the cane against the bed, he ripped open the uniform jacket and shirt with shears to expose the chest wound. He slapped down a pad over it, which was quickly replaced by an occlusive dressing. They rolled the man gently and covered the exit wound as well. The nurse rattled off some vitals as Carson began prep for a chest tube as the nurse checked the rest of the patient for other injuries. "Alright kid, you aren't breathing well, I need to drain your chest. It's going to hurt."

"-already hurts-" the patient gasped. His face was a paste pale as he lay prone on the biobed.

With a laser scalpel and a quick cut, he slid in a tube into the side of the man's chest. "But this kid will hurt more," Carson said working quickly. He attached a device to end of it, which working in conjunction of the tube cleared out and cleaned the inside of his chest of fluids. While it was working, Carson returned to the other chest injuries to begin stabilizing them.

While Carson was elbow deep in chest wounds, dead invaders were brought in and stacked in the morgue for later. Two dead crewmen went as well. The last of the wounded that trickled in subsisted of another case of temporary blindness, and some of the marines with cooked wounds from the boarder's weapons. The energy was highly radiated.

With the chest tube in place, Carson passed off the patient to another Medical Officer. He turned and looked at the others being brought in, sighing as he balanced himself on his cane and began walking towards the new patients, barking orders in his normal unfriendly manner.


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