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Waking Up

Posted on 11/12/2019 @ 2:55pm by Lieutenant Carson Fleming II & Lieutenant Jaxyl Veran

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Science Lab 12


"Help." the voice of Ian Mackenzie said weakly, attempting to get someone's attention. He had been attempting to reach a trapped Science crewman during the attack and while he had successful, all he'd gotten was a tritanium girder to the chest for his trouble. As of now, he was wedged against a bulkhead and the girder, which was firmly wedged in place and placing increasing pressure on his chest and arms. As he tried to breathe, he could see blackness creeping up on his vision. He could reach and any pressure he placed on the object forced it closer against his chest. He began to wheeze as he started to run out of air.

"Hold on! I'm coming!" sounded a voice, followed by footsteps approaching. Ensign Willis leaned down to grab the girder, giving a short count before tearing at it, trying to lift it up. "Can't ... hold ... this ... for long ... !"

Feeling the air rush back into his lungs, Ian saw the light return to his vision and tried to push the left side of the girder but as soon as he did, stars erupted in his vision and he could feel his head roll to the side.

Ok, this wasn't working. Think, think think. Willis hesitated a moment, then reeeeched with a foot to pull a small piece of debris closer, manipulating it up to hold the girder up at least a few centimeters higher than it had been. This should give Mackenzie the ability to breathe, at least. "Hold on~ I'll be right back. I'll get you out of there, hold on!" Willis called out before hurrying off again. Maintenance closet. There should be something in there he could use. Right?

Out of apparently no where a ragged looking blue uniformed crewman showed up next to Ian. "What's hurting you crewman?" The medic said quickly as he got hands on with Ian checking him from head to toe for the major injuries. He tapped his badge while doing so, "DC team to my location, one entrapment, patient unstable."

"Ribs-" Ian gasped as he sucked in another lungful of air. Attempting to move his arm, he felt a sharp pain shoot up his arm and radiate through his neck. "I think my arm might be broken." he said through his teeth.

"Well if it hurts to move it... don't move it," The Medic responded. After setting a portable monitor on him to begin vitals diagnostics, the Medic palpated around the head and chest, working around the girder as best he could, ignoring the broken arm for now. "Nice slow breaths for me crewman. Wiggle your toes and fingers for me." The Medic looked up and around, frowning at the lack of assistance.

That's when Willis returned, carrying a welding torch he'd dug up from a maintenance closet. "Hold on, I'm here." he said, activating the torch and setting it to cut, looking over the girder to find the best place to cut it. It wasn't pinned, so he could move it if he was strong enough - which he wasn't. But if he cut off a piece and reduced the weight, he was confident he could. So he moved to an area where he could cut without risking the beam collapsing or injuring Ian and started to cut.

Ian could see the bright sparks of the torch cutting through the girder and could feel himself being able to breathe and move again. Making a conscious effort to slide down out of the way of the girder without moving his arm, he felt his entire body become wracked with pain as he ran out of energy and he began panting for air as his ribs reminded him that extraneous movement was not a good idea.

"Breath easily my friend, nice easy breaths, let us do the work," The medic said to Ian, as a few officers from D/C arrived, some to help Willis, the rest to help him. The group of caregivers now carefully moved the man out into the wide open and out of the dangerous area, which allowed the medical man to do a more thorough check of the patient. "Welp, good news is I don't think you've broken _every_ rib, and your vitals are bad but not crap," he said while he got some equipment ready.

Willis helped hold up the cut girder so the team could move Ian to safety before gently letting it down again. Seeing that Ian was in good hands he gave the pair a nod then headed off to see if he could help somewhere else.

The medic packaged up the patient so they could move him. "Lets get you to sickbay so we can get you probably treated."



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