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It's All a Blur

Posted on 10/27/2019 @ 10:15pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Commander Charles West

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Bridge

Charlie walked up to the bridge, still safely in his Engineering yellow, and walked up to Reisz's ready room door, and tapped the chime. Relatively unaware that she was sitting behind him on the center chair...

Rather than potentially embarass the man, Reisz stepped over to him and tapped his shoulder lightly. "You can go on in."

"Jesus hell!" Charlie bit, jumping and spinning around, "Hi, Captain Blur. Nice to see you. Just making sure the door chime worked was all, totally saw you in the center chair," He replied, abruptly, his focus not quite in the right spot to be looking her in the eye.

Reisz grinned at his comment. "How is that coming along? Do you have a general date that you should be seeing clearly by or is it touch and go at this point?"

"Seeing clearly? You mean the entire ship isn't fuzzy? Damn," He said, patting the wall, "I was really looking forward to snuggling this bulkhead later," He said, his normal easy smirk coming back with a little chuckle.

"Doc says it'll just be a couple more days and I should have most of my vision back. He said he might have to do some corrective work once the eyes heal. That flash was... bad. Did some serious damage," He said, sighing.

Diana gestured towards the ready room with a wave as she spoke. "Good. Should you be resting then or.."

"Nah, I'm good to be around, boss. He said the usual wear and tear of the day wouldn't hurt me any, but that I'd need to not try and read or stare at screens for too long," He said, smiling at her, but not moving.

Her grin grew a little more. "Go in, Charlie. We can speak inside."

"Great, thanks," Charlie said, grinning broadly and turning back toward the ready room door and walking in, completely oblivious to the missed cue.

"I'm not... really at one hundred percent, but I'm good enough to get around right now," He said, simply. "And I'm good enough to boss people around," He explained with a chuckle. "Don't know when you want to change the scope of who I can boss around officially," He said, tapping the gold cloth on his shoulder, "That's why I opted for the golds one more time... this is gold right?" He asked, laughing a bit.

Following him in, Reisz stepped around the man and went to sit at her desk. "I'm ready for you to start as soon as you're ready. There's some coursework that I've been told that you have to do. And some simulations. Busy work, basically, but you can act as my XO while you play catch up once you're on your feet."

"Sounds good," He said, "Not going to be too good at coursework and simulations blind," he said, grinning as he felt his way around the chair to take a seat. "Should I... I mean... do you want me in the red?" He asked, unable to fully hide the kid-like excited smile that was demanding to be on his face.

"Yes, you can be in red from this point on. You're assistant arrived during the attack. I haven't met him yet, but I'll let you inform him that he's the chief now. You can swap rooms as soon as Melody is moved out. What else am I forgetting to tell you.." Diana leaned forward on her elbows, her brow furrowed. "Are you sure that you still want to do this?"

"More so now," He admitted. "This shady lady came into sickbay while I was under the influence of pain killers and tried to seduce me to the bridge with promises of unlimited power and burritos," He said, grinning. "There *will* still be unlimited power and burritos, right?" He asked, smiling. "All kidding aside though, yeah. I've slept on it a couple times now and every morning I wake up I'm excited about it... I'm ready to do this," He told her, nodding confidently.

"Good, because this won't be easy." Taking a breath, Diana sighed. How to say the elephant in the room? "When I took the Newton I was told that I was doing so with a vote of no confidence. That my placement was just political and I'd fail. Not the right personality, not strong enough to make the right calls. So we've already got the deck stacked against us as a team."

Charlie chuckled, "You're talking to a guy who spent most of his youth learning how to do all sort of slight-of-hand tricks with decks of cards. No confidence CO and an unproven XO... sounds like the start of a good story to me," He said, confidently. "You trust me, I'll trust you. We'll make this ship a legend, okay?"

"I'd settle for successful, but if you have your heart set on legend, I guess we can make that happen," laughed Reisz. "So what do I need to know about you?"

"Not a lot to know, honestly, ma'am. I'm a pretty open book. I love research and science, it's why I'm here. I always wanted to command my on ship, so being XO here... that's a step closer to my dream. I like you, a lot, so far. So that's a good start. Anything that you *want* to know about me?" He asked.

"Not in particular. I tend to trust my gut, and my gut says you're the fit. How about me? What do you need to know about me?" asked Diana.

"Only what you want from me as an XO," Charlie replied, seriously.

Reisz nodded. It was a good question. "I need you to do exactly what you've been doing. Speak your mind. Look after our people. Lead the charge when you need to. Inspire confidence in others. Promote growth. We'll have to get used to each other on the bridge, but that's typical with any command team. We'll learn each other's styles."

"I hope you're not expecting me to get all serious," He said with a grin, "I don't have a serious bone in my body. Always been of the mind that if you can laugh when things are at their toughest you can get through anything," He explained to her.

With a shrug, Reisz shook her head. "Once in a while, yeah. There is a place for solemn in our work. However, I appreciate the levity."

"Well, don't get me wrong," He said, raising a hand, "I'm not going to be cracking jokes while we send a fallen friend out into the black, Cap. I just get snarky under stress," He said with a grin and a little chuckle.

"Or, you know, when I'm blind and overcompensating because it's making me nervous. The usual," He admitted, blushing a bit. Honesty, right? That's where it counted...

Diana grinned at the man- not that he could see it. "It might be good to spend some time on the bridge while you're healing. Even if you can only listen, getting used to the flow of the bridge crew might be a good idea. I know you've pulled rotations up here, but you've always gotten to go back to engineering afterwards. It's a different beast when your return is to an office or to crew conferences. I'll take over most the workload that can't be delegated off until we get you up to speed and better. Do you feel up to one on ones with the crew or would you rather do that together a few times to get the feel for it?"

"I'm ready for anything, boss," Charlie replied with a confident smile. He meant it, too.

"Let's get you some bridge time for starters," Reisz offered. "Once you're in the correct uniform that is.."

Charlie chuckled, "Yes, ma'am, standing orders to go change," He said, standing and giving her a salute, "Orders received, sir, requesting permission to be dismissed to execute orders, ma'am?" He asked, his tone playful.

"Dismissed," Diana with a roll of her eyes. "I'll see you shortly."



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