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Bringing Back the Power

Posted on 11/01/2019 @ 3:18pm by Lieutenant Vincent Kramer & Lieutenant JG Jada Reese

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: After the boarding

Lt. Kramer moved quickly down two decks in the near dark. At Deck 8 he checked both directions quickly before heading aft toward Main Engineering. As he approached Vince found many crewmen moving about with determination and a task on their mind.

Kramer stopped a crewman and asked quickly, “Where do I find the Officer in Charge?”

Crewman Jefferies was startled by the Officer, especially since he did not recognize this particular Lieutenant, but only hesitated a second before responding, “Ahh, Yes Sir”, he began nervously. “Lt. Reese is the dark skinned woman, standing there in the center before the warp core.”

Kramer looked toward the warp core and saw an officer standing confidently, giving out orders amongst the others dashing about. Looking back to the tall crewman, “Very good. Continue on with your task.” Vince then turned and walked toward the Lieutenant.

"Double check the dilithium waste conduits. Make sure the temperature is right. If any of the waste solidified while we were down, we could be looking at a high pressure situation," She was calling to an ensign that was jumping down into the warp core pit.

"Yes, ma'am!" He called back before disappearing into a maintenance tube.

Jada turned to the new comer, "I don't know who you are, but you're wearing gold and I can use all the hands I got," She said simply. "Lieutenant Jay Gee Reese," She said, offering her hand, seeing that they shared a rank.

Gripping her hand he replied, “Lieutenant Kramer, at your service.” Dropping the hand he added, “I actually just came on board during the power outage and attack. I had a brief run in . . “ He looked back over his shoulder the way he came in, “. . with Commander Baird. He’s very efficient with that rifle of his.” He could tell that his story was getting longer than needed and finally added, “What can I do to help?”

"Don't know Baird, but I'll keep that in mind," She replied, motioning for the man to follow, "Right now, we're watching for overloads. Chief went to sickbay, sight got messed up during the boarding actions. We've got the M/AM reaction back up and running, but we're monitoring systems and checking to make sure we don't overload any of the EPS conduits while we bring it online," She explained.

Vince was very focused during her explanation, thinking of the best way to help. “Would you like me to monitor the EPS readouts or should I check for any congestion on the power grid?”

"Oh, you can only do one of those things?" Jada replied with a chuckle. "Get on it, Noob," She teased with a grin.

Vince considered her taught, but smiled just the same. “Very good Lieutenant. I will check on the readouts of the power grid. After that, we can look at the individual EPS points as the power returns to the system.”

"Sounds like a plan," She said, smiling. "At least we've got our feet on the ground. I had to get the reactor going again in zero G," She said with an easy laugh as she headed back to the open console she'd been working on, "As soon as you've got the readouts analyzed, come and get me, okay?" She called back.

The idea of working out engineering issues in Zero-G made Vince’s mind begin to spin with possibilities and problems. Focusing back on her instructions, “Yes Ma’am”, he replied as she moved away. Kramer quickly moved to Engineering Station 4 and began the long and complex task of monitoring and testing each of the power transfer lines to make sure they could hold the charge that would soon be placed upon the grid.


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