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Only Three Good Legs

Posted on 11/16/2019 @ 4:11pm by Lieutenant Jaxyl Veran & Lieutenant Carson Fleming II

Mission: Tiger, Tiger

Carson leaned on his cane, harder than he normally does as he surveyed Sickbay. It was calmer now. There were still many recovering from wounds, but the chaos was finally corralled. He turned and started his three leg limp back to his office to rest his bad leg for a bit and catch up on paperwork.

Unfortunately he was not granted the freedom of tending to patients that he so sought. Next to enter were Marine 1st Lieutenant David Richmond and Jaxyl Veran, the former supporting a limping bioform of the latter. Jax helped to a vacant biobed, Richmond made his exit again to resume Marine duties, leaving Jaxyl looking rather forlorn, one of his two forms with a pant leg scorched and the leg itself hastily bandaged with a make shift field dressing.

Sighing audibly, Carson hastened his way over to Jaxyl. He looked at the two bio forms quickly, doing a quick once over for major injuries, before focusing on the leg. "Only this form, and only this leg Lieutenant?" He asked as his fingers worked quickly to expose the entire leg.

"Yes. Just the one leg." Jaxyl replied. It didn't really matter which bioform spoke. "I'm sorry, I know I should've come right away, but - " He actually trailed off even as the focus shifted. Shoulders slumped. It was obvious he was very deeply affected. " - I had to make sure she was ok, first. My wife."

"Damn right you should have come sooner," He said crankily grabbing a nurse to start setting up equipment. "This would have been a quick fix hours ago. Take a seat," Carson said to the other, "It's going to be a bit." A couple hyposprays of medication around the leg to allow him to work without causing too much pain, the process of removing dead tissue began. He stopped for a moment, his brain wrapping around his patient's statement. He looked directly at the bio form on the table. "How is she?" He asked, the crankiness gone from his voice.

"I don't care about myself. Just - " He trailed off, both forms shoulders slumping. The uninjured form sat down, just looking at the floor. "She's - ... Surviving. Hanging in there. But far from 'well'."

"Well you 'effing have to take care of yourself to care for her," He said, his eyes narrowing into a glare before he resumed his focus on his leg. "No major damage thankfully. Need some more time to remove and cauterize some areas, and then your leg is going into a regenerator. This was caused by one of their weapons, yes?" He continued the process of debridement, stopping again for another moment to look at the other form. "Pain meds, do you need some too?" Carson knew they weren't separate, but wanted to ask that bio form specifically.

"Yeah, this was one of their weapons. And - " The injured form started, the uninjured taking over without losing a beat. " - that won't be necessary. What this form feels is phantom pain, if you suppress the source of the pain there's no pain to phantom."

He nodded and resumed his work. Carefully with a regenerator in one hand, an open tricorder next to the leg scanning, he worked his magic and fixing the wound. The alien weapons were not clean, which left a lot of ragged ends and issues to clear up. The noise of the regenerator clicked on and off, Carson's hands moving from place to place, occasionally moving the leg for a better angle. The nurse came by who was swatted away by Carson, who angrily scolded her for bothering him.

Jax remained silent during the treatment, not moving much either. He just sat there, both forms, shoulders slumped, head down, gaze a mile away.

As he finished the regenerating another nurse came up to him, who Carson gave several orders. Carefully wrapping the wound in a protective bandage, he looked back at his patient. "Your leg will take a day to return to normal. Keep the wrap on. I will remove it tomorrow. You must not put full weight on it." A nurse returned with a cane for Veran. "So I've had a cane replicated for you. They are awkward at first, however you will get accustomed. And it is only a day." Carson took a step over to the console to input information about the patient for the medical file.

"Thank you." Jaxyl offered a smile that didn't extend to his eyes. The injured bioform took the cane and tried to rise to his feet, a bit shakily and unsure. He gave another nod to the nurse. "This will be fine. Thank you." he said.

Carson's eyes narrowed as he watched Jaxyl attempt to use the cane. Too much not adding up in his head. Carson grabbed his own cane and shut off the console taking a step over to the patient. "I will walk with you to ensure the leg is fine," He said in such a way he was not making it a question.

When shown how to use the cane properly it went a lot better. Jax also didn't complain about being escorted, something he actually appreciated. "Thanks doctor." he mused. It was noteworthy how even when one bioform was injured, the other never offered physical support, as if they made sure never to touch each other.

Carson watched the two forms walk, his interest both on patient care as well as learning about the Dalacari, a race he had to admit he had little knowledge about. He kept a half step behind the two, his eyes keen on both in front of him and them. "Can you not help yourself? Your one form struggled quite apparently until getting the hang of the cane."

"I can, but physical touch between bioforms is supremely uncomfortable." One bioform replied, the other adding "Psychic feedback. Cloth doesn't prevent it."

'Huh," He simply responded. The psychic connection was too new to him, too not understood. He mentally noted to himself to do more research. They rounded another bend of the corridor and came within view of Jaxyl's quarters. Carson's demeanor softened slightly as they got closer, he gripped his cane a little harder.

"Military field personnel are actually trained in pushing through the feedback, but I'm just a scientist." Jaxyl explained as they moved. "Not trained for any of this. Being in a boarding situation. Being shot at. Being shot." His voice sounded old, and barely holding together, as he spoke. He hesitated a moment in front of his own front door, closing two sets of eyes and gathering his mental strength before opening the door.

Leaning heavily on his cane, Carson sized up his patient. He wasn't sure what to say, but knew there was something he should say. Watching Jaxyl build up strength made him wonder how bad off his wife was. He remembered her well, Mora sparking memories of Lindsay for him. His mind floated about before he snapped back to the present, Carson grumbling to himself for a moment. "C'mon now, get you settled and make sure you didn't mess up your bandaging by walking," Carson finally said, the silence normally welcoming, but deafening in this case. His voice almost angry with the thought of fixing the bandaged, but thoroughly placated by the thoughts of Lindsay floating around his head.

"... you're welcome to come in. I'll ask Mora if she's ok with you giving her a simple check as well. I think she's physically alright, but the short time I had to check on her she wasn't very lucid." Jaxyl stepped inside, letting Carson follow inside. Once in he spoke to Mora in Dalacari, the injured bioform making his way to the couch to sit there and dote over his wife, as the uninjured form set about cleaning up what little mess Tristan hadn't gotten around to yet.

"Well I am a doctor," Carson said, almost trying to sound sarcastic, instead of his usual confident crass attitude. He stepped in afterwards, moving slowly to allow the two Dalacari to get comfortable. With a swoosh the door to the quarters closed behind him.


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