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EPS Buildup

Posted on 02/12/2020 @ 6:14pm by Lieutenant Vincent Kramer & Lieutenant JG Jada Reese

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Deck 12, Section 42
Timeline: After - Bringing Back the Power

With the guidance from the Chief, Lt. Kramer had made his way to a storage compartment there in Engineering, and with the help of a curious yet knowledgeable crewman, they picked up a toolkit and several possible replacement parts.

Making their way down the passageway, Kramer looked over his shoulder and called back, “Do you got that Walker? Do you need any help?” Vince had looked back a minute earlier to see the crewman 1st class struggling with the heavy container.

“No Sir!” Walker replied with grimace. “I’m right behind ya. No worries.”

Kramer took that as a crewman really trying to do his best under the load.

Stopping at the first panel, Kramer noticed scorch marks along the wall of the passageway. “The boarders must have come this way at some point.” Taking the strap of the toolkit off his shoulder and lowering it to the deck Kramer states, “Let's get this panel off first.” He released the latches and looked over to Walker, “Let’s ease it back slowly. There might be damage.”

Walker replied, “Yes Sir. I have no desire to singe my pretty face,” and then chuckled.

Vince smiled in response to the younger crewman, then eased back the panel door to find a couple minor but active sparks taking place. Taking control of the situation, “From your side reroute the power flow through circuit 12C and 12D.”

Walker did as instructed and the power reengaged through the panel. Crewman walker smiled at the desired haunt to the sparking. “I’ll get a couple replacement circuits.”

“Alright,” the Engineer replied as he began to scan the EPS with his tricorder.

Once the circuits were replaced, the panel was recalibrated for all lines of flow to be open and functioning.

Kramer tapped his comm-badge, “Kramer to Lieutenant Reese.”

"Reese. What's up, Kramer?" Her voice came back over the comm.

Kramer reported, “We have corrected and reset the EPS on Deck 9. We’ll be heading to Deck 12 next.”

"Copy that, proceed with caution, the preliminary reports we've got from up there are rough. Looks like one of the boarding ships poked through in that area. Probably what's overloading the EPS grid," She replied.

“Understood,” Kramer replied giving Walker a concerned expression. “Proceeding with caution.” The Engineer then tapped his comm-badge to close the signal.

Turning to Walker, Kramer instructed, “Alright then. You secure the panel while I gather the tools.”

As the two Engineers made their way down the passageway and down one deck, they came to some damage and couldn't proceed further. With concern Kramer watched different crewman pass their way. “It looks like we’re going to have to transition towards the stern door the next ladder,” Kramer commented to Walker.

Walkers’s expression changed to one of delight, “I’m pretty sure I know where that one is. Let me lead the way.”

“Very good Crewman,” Kramer replied, “proceed.”

It wasn't long, walking through the dimly lit passageways and ducking under some hanging obstructions, they soon arrived at the ladderway. After a quick check to make sure it was clear they climbed down to Deck 12.

Here, unfortunately, they found much more damage and bodies of crewmen and officers laying about, . . unmoving. They no doubt had been attacked by the boarding party. With the toolbox secure under one arm, Kramer drew his phaser just to be on the safe side.

From down the corridor came a faint cough, "Is... somebody there? H--help... please?" Came a weak plea.

Walker and Kramer turned toward the voice. Vince was surprised that he heard anything through all the sparking and out gassing taking place about them. Kramer was then very surprised when he saw Walker raise his phaser. Kramer called out, “Nooo”, while pushing Walker’s arm to the side. The phaser beam struck the wall and up to the ceiling of the passageway. Kramer wanted to berate him at the moment, but instead just moved forward toward the voice.

"HELP!" The cry came again, alarmed and pained. "Ensign Tey Mallory! Serial Number Nine-Eight-Oh-C-Four-Z-Nine! Please don't shoot, you'll bring the whole ceiling down on me!" She screamed, before coughing loudly. "Please... help!... help..." The last cry was the weakest yet.

Kramer quickly made his way through the hanging debris, stepping over a couple unmoving bodies before arriving at the side of a wounded Ensign. Encouragingly, “Well Ensign. No serial number needed. We will help you.” Vince felt very frustrated at that moment for not having a Medical tricorder, so began standard EMC (emergency medical care). Kramer knelt down next to the Ensign while Walker scanned for dangers above. The Lieutenant began to gently check for temperature and blood flow at all her extremities. He asked in a kind voice, “Where do you hurt the most?”

"I can't really... can't really tell anymore?" He said, his eyes bleary. "I think... my hips?" He offered. "I can't feel my feet right now..."

An encouraging smile spread across Kramer’s face as he said, “Alright Mallory, you’re going to be just fine. The bleeding has mostly stopped. You’ll need some more work once they get you to Medical.” Kramer looked both ways down the passageway, then back to the injured woman, “But for now, you sit tight. Help is on the way.” With that he stood, cautiously looking both directions one more time.

"Okay... yeah, not going anywhere," The young woman said with a feeble chuckle.

Kramer gave the young Ensign a wink of confidence and then headed down the passageway with Walker close behind him.

As they continued walking down the corridor. The passageway took them along the hull now. Both had to practically stop as they approached a breaching ship, extending into the hull. “Keep your eyes peeled,” Kramer called out over the noise of the different components and lights that were making noise. He taped his comm-badge, “Lieutenant Kramer to security, reporting breach pod on deck 12 section 48.” There was no response, so Vince didn't know if the message got through or not.

Kramer and Walker passed slowly and cautiously in front of the pod. They saw nothing inside moving and quickly moved on. “We’ll let Security handle that,” Kramer added as they continued forward. After another turn they found the EPS junction. Unfortunately, the panel had been blown off its attachments and was sticking into the wall on the other side.

Putting the phaser away, Kramer pulled out his tricorder and began to get readings from a distance.

“Everything seems dead,” Walker commented sadly and began to take a step forward, but was blocked by the Lieutenant.

The Engineer looked to the crewman with concern, “Let’s not be hasty. There are procedures for this kind of situation.”

Walker set down the case of spare parts and then gave a nod to the officer.

The tricorder provided little helpful information about the volatility of the situation. He could confirm that power was still coming to the panel, but all 4 relays were burnt out. Kramer instructed, “At the bottom, there are the four energy flow switches. I need you to turn them to the off setting, one at a time. I’ll monitor any buildup from here.” Vince reached down and handed Walker a piece of the panel door. Here, hold this up to protect yourself, and reach around it to so the work.”

Walker accepted the makeshift shield with a smile, “I think that's an excellent idea.”

It was slow going, but Walker was able to turn all 4 switches to off, which eliminated all power to the panel. Both men gave a sigh of relief once that was completed.

Stepping up to the EPS panel, Kramer began to pull out the burnt transition equalizers. Next, the Engineer rested each of the transition coils and stabilizing conduits. Asking Walker without turning around, “So, do you think we will have enough parts to reestablish this panel?”

Squatting down, Walker opened the bag and counted the parts enclosed, replying “I think we’ll have just enough.”

“Alright then,” Kramer began confidently, let’s start on the left, replace those parts and test that line before proceeding with the next.”

“Sounds like a plan to be Sir,” Walker stated with confidence.

The pair began to work in unison, removing, checking, and or replacing components as they went. By the time they had finished the right side both were very tired and breathing heavy. Kramer then realized that the air processing system may not be as functional as needed.

Walker then looked through his bag of parts. With an expression of frustration admitted, “We are out of PCLs. We need one more.”

Kramer looked at the completed panel with one missing part. He looked down at all the damaged pieces at their feet as his lips formed a straight grimace. Vince then looked directly at Walker and his grimace changed to a smile. “My Friend. You are in luck.” Kramer reached over and lifted the comm-badge from Walker’s uniform. He jammed it into the side frame of the panel, bent the badge, then pulled it out slightly and bent the badge back. Pulling the badge out of the wall, he smiled and showed the misshapen piece of metal to Walker, before placing it into the last empty slot and pounding it into place.

Walker was confused and stunned at the same time, but his eyes seemed to then open with realization. “So the comm badge will transfer the power, but the internal circuits will temper the flow!?”

Kramer patted him on the shoulder and replied, “With a trick like that, you can save lives.” He began to pick up how tools and added, “But that will need to be replaced within 12 hours. More than that and it will re-short the entire panel again.”

“Yes Sir,” Walker replied excited that their work had been completed.

Standing and facing the panel, Kramer began to enter the startup sequence for the EPS panel. As the panel cycled up to full power, the Engineer watched for any sparks or power cross-overs, but none occurred, not even near the Comm-bage.

“That’s amazing,” was all Walker could get out.

Tapping the comm-bagged on his chest, “Kramer to Lieutenant Reese.”

"Reese. What's up?" She asked.

“We have the EPS panel on Deck 12 operable.” Kramer then admitted, “It’s not great, but it’ll hold for us in the mean time.”

"Hang on, we're checking the power flow," The engineer replied. There was a beat, "Hah! Yeah, power flow is coming back as dirty on the sensors, but it'll get the job done until we can fully replace it. Good job, Kramer," She replied, sounding very pleased.

Kramer looked to Walker with a big smile and then leaned his back against the bulkhead. Taking in a long breathe, the Engineer let it out slowing trying to relax all the cramped and sore muscles in this body. He humphed with a chuckle before turning his head to Walker, “Not a bad first day, eh?”


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