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Grumpy Makes His Report In

Posted on 06/19/2019 @ 10:59am by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Carson Fleming II

Mission: Crewing Up

The slow methodical steps of Carson were accented by the cane dropping in time. He figured he'd get reporting in to the Captain over. Hope they've already read my jacket, He thought to himself. He toiled that idea over, debating whether having several slips of insubordination already known a good or bad thing. He hated this part, having to meet the new crew. Them pretending to give a damn. His gait slowed as he got near the door to the ready room, until he stopped right before. He felt his heart race for but a moment before he tapped the chime and groaned slightly to himself.

"Enter!" The commander called out over the lip of her mug of coffee. She stood when she saw that it was another member of her senior staff and waved him forward towards the seat across from her desk. "Please come in. Have a seat. I'm Commander Diana Reisz."

He slowly made his way across the room, cane in one hand thudding gently in step, PADD in the other. "I'm fine standing, getting up takes too much work, and I don't anticipate us talking long." He put the PADD gently on the desk. "Dr. Carson Fleming II reporting."

"Welcome Dr. Fleming. I won't keep you long then since you seem to be ready and raring to go.." Diana picked up his PADD and glanced over it quickly. "I assume we'll catch up more on your turf."

"Catch up on what? My file has everything you probably want to know. What do you want to know?" He asked, moving his bad leg slightly.

Amused, Diana leaned forward just a little to study the older man's reaction. "Well, you're a member of my senior staff. More than likely we'll be spending years together out in space. It doesn't hurt to trade niceties and at least get to know each other on the periphery, does it?"

He frowned at the suggestion, almost feeling repulsed by the idea. "Don't expect me to sing Kumbaya and hold hands with you all around the conference table."

"But I had plans for friendship bracelets and plaiting braids in your hair." Diana was quick to reply. "Seriously, though, I'm just looking for a baseline camaraderie among the crew. We're a community."

A sigh escaped him. "Yes, we are a community. I will show up to whatever pow wows you want to put on. I will do my job, and I will do a damn good job at it."

Diana rewarded the doctor's longsuffering demeanor with a bright smile. "Fantastic. Thank you, doctor. I'll try to keep the festivities to a dull roar."

"Fantastic," he replied half seriously, and half mockingly. "And do not think we are leaving this space dock until your physical is done." He narrowed his eyes at her.

"I will be there with bells on," the commander promised sweetly. "I'll let you tend to your business now. I know that you're a busy man."

Carson nodded, pivoting on his good leg and using the cane as balance. He walked out of the ready room, muttering Efing bells, grumbled to himself, then muttering Efing TInkerbell, as he walked out the ready room door.

Lt. Carson Fleming II
Chief Medical Officer
USS Newton


Commander Diana Reisz
Commanding Officer
USS Newton


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