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Needing Rest

Posted on 02/06/2020 @ 2:11pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Jaxyl Veran

Mission: Tiger, Tiger

Much to Diana's chagrin, the science labs took a heavy hit during the attack. Between loss of power to containment, controls, conditions, many of the already running trials and experiments that the Newton had going were dashed. In the three weeks since the attack, only 1/3rd of them were back up and going again. Now that they were docked at the station and there was a bit more weight off of the collective shoulders of the ship, Diana thought to personally make sure that one pair of a whole being saw fit to take the time to get off ship for a bit of rest as well.

"Veran?" Diana called as she stepped into the botany lab. That was where the computer had placed him.

"Oh ... Hey Captain. I'm here." spoke one voice. "And here!" added the same voice, but from slightly over there instead. The two bioforms were working on different things, though only ever a few meters separating the two. One thing they shared though was looking exhausted, and movements like zombies.

"When was the last time you slept?" she asked as she closed the distance between them. 'You look like you're about to keel over where you stand."

"Last time I tried or last time I succeeded?" One bioform asked, setting down what he was working on to turn his full attention to the captain. Unfortunately, the work the other was doing couldn't really be put on hold. "Been having trouble sleeping. I'm just a scientist, I didn't sign up for - " a focus shift, uneasy to someone not used to it, but Diana had known Veran for long enough.

" - any of what happened. And my wife didn't come through in unscathed either. Between my own nightmares and her needs, I just haven't gotten enough sleep." he mused. "How've you been holding up?"

"I'm doing well enough," she answered, waving the question away as if it was nothing. "Veran is this too much for all of you? We are very likely to face danger and action no matter what kind of ship that we're on."

"I don't know. Been wondering the same thing." spoke the busy bioform, though the other one, with his attention on Diana, took over. "Actually talked about it with Mora. She wants to stay. So, we're staying. At least, for now."

"Then you need to rest. Captain's orders. Take that lovely wife and rest. Go on station some. Stretch your legs. We've had enough excitement for a bit." Reaching out, Reisz patted the shoulder of the closest of the two's shoulders. "You need to do for you before you lose the ability to do for any."

"Captain's orders, huh." Veran mused. "Can't really say no to that." he added with a soft but tired smile. "Alright. I need to finish this up, can't put in on hold unfortunately. Will take Mora out on a date after that." he seemed to enjoy the idea.

"Good," Diana smiled as well. "A happy wife makes for a happy science chief as I've heard it. So how are we doing in the recovery effort? Did we lose many projects?"

"I've lost a few, yes. A few cultures lost. Most I can restart, just need some supplies. All in all - " Focus shift again, seamless, but a bit jarring to hear the same voice suddenly come from another direction. "- nothing disastrous, all in all. Just annoying. All delays are." Beat. "How long are we going to be parked at this station?"

"A month. Those were mighty holes made in our hull. No doubt that's time to get new cultures and specimens shipped in if you need them. Or take a trip out if you require it." Diana shifted her weight to where she could lean one hip against a nearby table edge. "Do you have an idea brewing?"

"Right now? No." A pause. "I've been burying myself in my work, I'm realizing. Really could - " One finished, the other picking up seamlessly. " - do with some time off. I'll try to think of something, with time to spare."

"I think it would do you good. You seem a little worn out," she said, frowning slightly.

"I am. I feel like too little butter spread too thin over too much bread. Just need to recharge a little, then I'll be ok." He offered a soft smile. "Promise. And ... Thank you."

"You're welcome. We have good things coming Jaxyl. I promise. Good things," Diana said as she started towards the door.

Jax watched her leave, his exhausted expression making way for a soft but tired smile. Maybe this kick in the butt was just what he needed. Just a little more to get to a point where he could put this experiment on hold and see to his wife, take a well-deserved break.


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