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Picking Up the Mantle

Posted on 02/12/2020 @ 8:58pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Vincent Kramer

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: Deck 10 - Outside Engineering

Three weeks of carefully controlled chaos had kept the Newton afloat until they finally reached port and started repairs to the hull. Once those were underway the ship was abuzz with engineers of all sorts- only Diana was searching one out in specific. "Lieutenant! Lieutenant Kramer!" she called down the hallway in the hopes to put a halt in his hurried step. "Hold up a moment!"

Vince had stopped dead in his tracks when he heard his named called, but continued the conversation with the two Ensigns, “Just continue on with the planned repairs. I will follow up with you both. Dismissed.”

Turning away from the Ensigns and facing Commander Reisz, Kramer replied, “Yes Captain. How are you this afternoon?” Vincent tried to be pleasant with all authority figures, but gettting the ship up and fully functional seemed more important sometimes. He just smiled and took a few steps toward the Commander until they met face to face.

"I see that you're busy so I'll keep this short. I was just wondering how you were holding up. I know that you sort of got thrust into this. Especially with picking up the mantle from Charlie so soon.." Diana's words trailed off as she stepped to the side from a pair of crewmen maneuvering a grav-sled past them carrying parts.

Vince smiled shyly for a brief second. He could tell that the Commanding Officer was showing interest in him and possibly some concern in there as well. The Engineer appreciated that. He was pretty sure that the CO had many more things to do than bolster his ego or emotions. After this slid past in his mind, Kramer replied, “Well Ma’am, I could use a full night sleep. I may lie down for 6 hours or so, but getting that sleep is still difficult.”

"Now that you've got extra teams coming in, now might be the time to get it. Let them catch some of the load. You may be in charge now, but you don't have to do it all," Diana chided in a soft tone.

The Engineer nodded his head in agreement to her intent, though replied, “I will certainly try, but there is so much to delegate. Then, there that is that unquenchable personal desire to confirm everything for oneself.” He smiled at the CO and stated the obvious, raising his hands in defense, “I know, I know. They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t all capable engineers and technicians.”

"Just don't burn out, okay? I'm short chief engineers." She patted him on the shoulder, intent to leave it at that.

Vince nervously chuckled and replied, “I will do my level best.” He turned and took a step back toward Engineering, but then turned around and spoke while walking backwards, “I’ll have a written update on your desk in the morning.”

"Sounds good. Just remember to get that break in soon. You can't give your best on low battery." Diana gave a compulsive wave before turning to head towards the turbolift.

“Yes Captain,” Kramer said with respect as he watched her walk away and onto a turbolift.

Turning and walking back into Main Engineering, Vince thought, Okay. One more quick look at the main systems and it’s time for food.


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