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In his own way

Posted on 02/24/2020 @ 4:42pm by Captain Diana Reisz & Lieutenant Carson Fleming II

Mission: Tiger, Tiger

In the last three weeks sickbay had been a hotbed of activity on the Newton. Diana had given it a wide berth, avoiding it except to inquire on injuries and casualties. Now that they had docked and the dead had been moved to the station, Diana ventured to sickbay to check on Fleming.

Fleming hobbled in his usual fashion from one empty bio bed to another. Much of his equipment had seen more action than it should have, and with the skeleton crew in sickbay he was evaluating each bio bed to see which needed servicing.

"Doctor Fleming.." Diana said as she fell into step alongside the older man. "And how are you doing, sir?"

Fleming jumped ever so slightly, having been too deep in his head to hear someone enter. He hid it, and would vehemently deny ever a thing if asked. "Since we got to dock? Fantastic. No one to bother me. Most of the department is off somewhere else. And people finally got those damn things out of my morgue," he responded with his usual irritated voice. He shifted on his cane slightly as he put the PaDD down. "I'll have this place back to where it's supposed to be in no time."

"Good to hear. Since we're in port I'm sure you'll have access to anything that you'll need, too. No replicator needed. Are you okay? I've spoken to a number of crew today that voiced a concern about how this was a science vessel and they didn't sign up for this kind of violence. There's a small exodus of crew leaving even.." She leaned against the bed's side as she spoke, watching the older man carefully as she spoke. Diana knew he was tough and stubborn, but was he willing to stick it out, too?

"Are you implying I'm so wussy Nancy?" Carson replied back, his normal irritation in his voice as he raised an eyebrow, balancing almost entirely on his two legs for a moment as he stood up a bit more. "They ain't the first I've killed, nor properly the last. Wish I hadn't so those 'effing things could have cleaned up their own damn mess."

Reitz smirked at that. "Not at all. I'm just letting you know the situation. We lost the XO to the exodus, so I put West in the spot. I think he's got the spirit to pull off the job."

Carson rolled his eyes at the mention of West and mumbled something to himself. "I'm sure he'll have just plenty of spirit," He said out loud before mumbling something again. "Sickbay will be just fine once I get crew rotating in again. Kids these days, they aren't as tough as my days." Carson sighed, relieving the weight off his bad leg back onto the cane while leaning against a bio bed for some more support. "But I'll get them efficient and humming anyways."

"I know that you will. There's not even a little doubt of that." If not willingly, Diana thought, he could scare the medical crew into efficiency. "Is there anything that you need from me aside from getting out of your hair?"

Carson pondered for a moment. "There is a medication and supply shipment that hasn't arrived yet. Frakkers said they delivered it but no one on the ship has seen it, or know what's going on. You have someone on base you can square that away with?"

"I'll find someone," Diana told him, her hands settling on her hips as she did so.

"Great, Operations has been beyond useless in that regard. Maybe you have more sway. Just that and a damn crew and I'm set. Already got the room," He sneered lifting his cane to point around at the mostly absent room. When he was done his display of dissatisfaction, he rested part of his weight on the cane, and eyed the Captain carefully. "How are you?" He asked solicitously.

Asking that derailed the captain for a moment, who looked like she lost what she was about to say. "I'm doing okay," she said after a moment of recovery. "I'm catching a little flak over some of my decisions, but I'm used to that. Sabine is okay. She got a bit shook up, but she took it like a champ. Overall, I'm hanging in there, thanks."

"Fuck 'em then," He replied simply, pointing his cane at her to emphasize his point. He turned to go back to his office. "If you find yourself not okay, there is always a bottle of whiskey in my desk," he said as he hobbled away, not bothering to turn and look at her.

Diana was quiet for a moment, a smile slowly graced her lips as she watched the man walk away. "Thank you doc," she said quietly before leaving him to his own devices.


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