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So the new journey begins.

Posted on 03/04/2020 @ 3:37pm by Lieutenant Tavana Kolan, daughter of Kretorg & Captain Diana Reisz

Mission: Tiger, Tiger
Location: CO's ready room.

It was just three days ago that Tavana was still on whatever that hell hole was called. Frankly she was not interested in the name of the planet, not now anyway. In the mean time she had been prodded by a EMH on the ship that rescued her and debriefed by, or rather interrogated by the captain, and after they had arrived, Intelligence here on the Starbase. She was supposed to go for the psychological evaluation still as well as for a full medical. On her way there, she was informed that her identity had been verified -yay- and with that came her new orders. ~They must be desperate~ she thought as a downward pull of her mouth expressed her surprise. ~Chief? Very desperate~.

The Valiant was docked at the station so the Captain would be either there are on the station, and Tavana decided to report in. Once she was attached to the ship officially, she might not need to go to the station counsellor or doctor. Instinctively she yearned to be part something again, fill her senses with the soft background hum of the thoughts and voices of people around her. She never realized how much she missed that.

After locating her new Captain, Commander Diana Reitz, she made her way there, padd in her hand. She had not been issued a code for a uniform yet so she was still in civilian clothing, natural worn brown leather pants and sleeveless cropped top with a pair of military issue boots.

Reitz was in her ready room having a cup of coffee while reading over reports. She was a lean woman with a hawkish nose and resting grin that seemed genuine. She waved Tavana in on the heels of another officer leaving and set her coffee cup aside. "Come in, please. I haven't seen your face before. And you are?"

Stepping forward, Tavana stretched out her hand. "Lieutenant Tavana Kolan, Intelligence Chief," she said. She omitted the 'daughter of Kretorg' part. It would be on her file. In any case she was now in Starfleet, ready to go to the Delta Quadrant and it seemed superfluous now. Who there would know her father anyway, it would be meaningless. "Reporting for duty, Ma'am" she said sounding a bit more formal that she wanted to.

"Welcome to the Newton, lieutenant," Diana said as she shook the woman's hand. "You'll have to forgive the state of the ship. We had a little excitement."

"This is nothing, Captain, I have seen much worse, " she said. "You were boarded by some species..what were they?" she asked curiously.

"We're still trying to figure that out. Whatever they were, they were completely unfazed by anything short of a a slug or blunt force trauma. They got in here and stirred up the hornet's nest really well," sighed the captain before she took a sip of her coffee. "I'll send you what we collect on them as soon as the final report culminates."

"Thank you. This ordeal must have been hard on you and the crew," Tavana couldn't help commenting. "Did you loose a crew member or was someone seriously injured?" she ventured.

"We lost a few people and had quite a few injured, yes. Because of that we've had a minor crew exodus." Diana shrugged her shoulders slightly. "It's the division in Starfleet. The old Starfleet is military versus Starfleet is exploratory. Starfleet is both. You can't sign onto a science vessel and think that your hand will never touch a phaser or a medical ship and that will save you from ever being in a fight. That's not the world we live in. Space is dangerous."

"That is true... It is hard to lose anyone, but it is part of the job," Tavana said quietly. She thought she had dealt with the loss of her crew when she was alone on the planet, but having heard they were really lost, it was as if she experienced the loss all over again. "Is there anything you would like me to do?" she asked.

"At the moment?"Diana shook her head. "Not in particular. I know that Intel has projects in conjunction with the science and engineering labs starting soon. Weapons and armor testing I think it was. You might want to check on that."

Tavana nodded in acknowledgement. "I will do, Captain. I don't want to take up any more of your time." After being dismissed Tavana left and decided to explore the ship. She was not so familiar with Starfleet ships and needed to mak sure she didn't get lost.

Captain Diana Reisz
USS Newton


Lieutenant Tavana Kolan, Daughter of Kretorg
USS Newton


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